Western District Conference

2022 WDC Annual Assembly

2022 WDC Annual Assembly – July 29 – July 31

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What’s the WDC Annual Assembly?

July 29-31, 2022

Denton, TX


Annual Assembly sounds like it’s something just for pastors or church chairpersons. It’s not! It’s for everyone who wants to learn more about what’s happening among our Western District Conference churches all the way from Nebraska to Texas! It’s also an opportunity to hear from people who know what they’re doing in faith formation for all ages, church planting, responding to depression and anxiety among us, and more. Oh, yeah, and Annual Assembly is also for families!

We’ll gather at Camp Copass, a kids’ church camp with LOTS of recreational options. (See the video above) We’ve been apart for too long. A big chunk of our time together will be spent reconnecting with each other through recreation and service for all ages—both active and more quiet options–depending on your needs and preferences.

We’ll have fun, age-appropriate activities for kids and youth to learn about living the Jesus life, as well as childcare for the little ones. There will also be intergenerational fun.

Adults will have the opportunity to talk to members of a congregation outside the US who want to join as a member church of WDC. We’ll also hear the good work of some of our partners in ministry, like Mennonite Disaster Service, Mennonite Central Committee, our seminary and colleges, and more. We will have time to catch up with each other and pray together around tables.

Then we’ll worship God, play, and do service projects some more.

If you live in the northern part of WDC and don’t want to drive, we have reserved some 15-passenger vans.

Because we’re meeting at a church camp/retreat center, our costs will be increased from the past couple of years. For the sake of fairness, we will each be asked to pay well below the actual cost. We hope to make up the difference through generous donations. We will also have several scholarships you can apply for if the reduced rate is difficult for you. See below for discounted costs.

So, with this basic information, we are conducting a straw poll. We’d like to know if you and your family plan to attend WDC Annual Assembly at Camp Copass this year. If you say yes, this doesn’t commit you, but it does give our planning team some idea of how many people to expect. Registration will begin next month. Please fill out this straw poll by April 21, 2022.

Discounted Rates (or What can we expect to pay for WDC Annual Assembly 2022?):

        Discounted Food x 5 meals: 

                Adults:  $28 each

                Kids (age 2-10) $20 each

                Kids (0-1) $0

                Camp Copass has limited dietary needs. You are welcome to bring your own cooler.

Discounted Lodging Options:

                Tally Conference Center hotel room 2 queen beds w/ bathroom:  $135 total (1-4 people) Rollaway cot available for 1 more person.

                R.V./Camper Hookup:  $40

                Bunk House (bunk beds & shared bathrooms for 12 people): $35 total per person

                Day Rate (no overnight):  $10/day x 3 days = $30

Discounted Transportation Option:    

             Van rental & gas from North Newton, KS:  $25 per person

-More information will be added as it becomes available.

WDC Assembly Reports are due on May 28. We request a written report and a short 1-3 min video from WDC Staff, Executive Board, Commissions, Committees, Task Forces, Institutions, Organizations and Partnerships with WDC as a way of updating all of WDC on the work you do. These will be posted and shared at Annual Assembly. A reminder will be sent out soon. Please mail or email the reports to the WDC office: wdc@mennowdc.org

RESOLUTIONS POLICY: Resolutions must be submitted a minimum of 120 days prior to Annual Assembly (in 2022, that date is March 29). Send to: WDC Executive Board, PO Box 306, North Newton KS 67117

Policy Regarding Resolutions

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