Institutional Relationships

The Western District Conference (WDC) relates to many organizations that are independent but have official ties to the conference and its ministries.  WDC elects or provides for the appointment of members to some of these organizations.  These organizations are invited to relate to WDC through participation at Reference Council gatherings, annual reports, attendance at Delegate Assemblies and cooperative projects of mutual interest and benefit.

Bethel College Board of Directors

  • Bethel College Board of Directors By-laws – Section 3, (b) Nominations and Appointment.  Directors shall be nominated for appointment to the Board of Directors by the existing Board of Directors and such committees to which the Board delegates this responsibility, in conjunction with recommendations from the Church Affiliated Bodies and Bethel Affiliated Bodies.  Following receipt of nominations, the Board of Directors shall then have ultimate responsibility for appointment of new members.  The term of newly elected Board members shall begin January 1.
  • Current WDC representatives: Diana Schunn (2025), Zandra Sawatzky (2028), Nathan Murphy (2029)
  • Term length:  6 years, members shall not succeed themselves after having served two full 6-year terms.
  • WDC representatives to this board are recommended by the WDC Executive Board.

Camp Mennoscah Association

  • Camp Mennoscah Association Bylaws – Article IV, 2.  Position C will be filled by a member from the Western District Conference of the Mennonite Church USA and will be designated by the Executive Board of the Western District Conference of the Mennonite Church USA for a term ending at the annual meeting.
  • Current WDC representative:  Joan Entz (2024)
  • Term length:  3 years
  • WDC representatives to this board are appointed by the WDC Executive Board.

Mennonite Central Committee Central States Board

  • Mennonite Central Committee Central States Board By-Laws Article 7, Section 7.0l – Each Mennonite and Brethren in Christ district conference in the Central States region may appoint one member to the Board of Directors.
  • Current WDC representative:  Rosie Epp (12/31/2024)
  • Term length – 3-year terms with a limit of 3 consecutive terms
  • WDC representatives to this board are appointed by the WDC Executive Board.

Mennonite Church USA Constituency Leaders Council

  • Constitution and Bylaws of the Western District Conference, Section B, 1. p. (Executive Board Duties) – Appoint three persons to the Constituency Leaders Council (Conference Minister, Conference Moderator and another representative).
  • Current WDC representatives:  Heidi Regier Kreider (Conference Minister), Delon Martens (Conference Moderator), Ben Woodward-Breckbill
  • Term length:  The representative is appointed for 1 term of 2 years and may be renewed once.

Mennonite Disaster Service

Mennonite Disaster Service
  • Kansas Mennonite Disaster Service, Inc. By-Laws Article III. 1 – Appointment to Board of Directors.  Members of the Board of Directors shall be appointed by the MDS constituent conferences indicated below, and in the numbers shown:  Western District Conference – 1.
  • Current WDC representative:  Cleo Koop (2024)
  • Term length:  3 years, and for a maximum of 3 terms
  • WDC representatives to this board are appointed by the WDC Executive Board.

Mennonite Men of the Plains

Prairie View, Inc.

  • The mission of Prairie View is to foster healing and growth in individuals and communities by providing behavioral and mental health services with compassion, competence and stewardship in the spirit of Christ.
  • Prairie View is an affiliate member of Mennonite Health Services, and affiliated with Mennonite/Anabaptist regional bodies to continue a deep commitment to serving the behavioral and mental health needs of the church and the community, thereby extending God’s mission.
  • WDC maintains a covenant with Prairie View for mutual encouragement in our respective ministries; intentional consideration of ways that we might provide helpful counsel to one another and cooperate in ministry now and in the future; and exploration of ways that we might share resources.
  • WDC appoints a representative to serve on the Prairie View Chaplain Advisory Group.  Currently Kathy Neufeld Dunn, WDC Associate Conference Minister (Kansas Based) is this representative.

Western District Women in Mission

  • The mission of the Western District Women in Mission (WDWM) is “to resource women’s groups and individual women as we nurture our life in Christ, study the Bible, utilize our gifts, hear each other, and engage in mission and service.”  All women in Western District churches are members of WDWM.  Furthermore, all members of WDWM are part of Mennonite Women USA.  Women in Mission is supported by donations from women’s groups and individuals.
  • Women in Mission commits itself to:
    a) promote spiritual growth through Bible study, prayer, fellowship, and other Christian disciplines;
    b) discern and nurture women’s gifts and skills for leadership and service in the local church and community;
    c) build relationships and networks for support, affirmation, discernment, witness, service, and celebration;
    d) support and strengthen  the mission of Western District Conference.
  • Current President:  Wendy Funk Schrag (
  • Treasurer: Norma Duerksen, Secretary: Tammy Duvanel Unruh, Communications: Rebecca Schrag
  • No WDC representative is requested.