Western District Conference (WDC) is a regional grouping of congregations in the Mennonite Church USA denomination. WDC is composed of congregations located in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.  Who are the Mennonites?  Watch this short video:     ESPANOL

Mission Statement:

Western District Conference empowers Anabaptist/Mennonite congregations to:

  • Witness & invite others to faith in Jesus Christ,
  • Dwell in just & loving relationships,
  • Connect to God’s mission in the world.

Core Tasks

  • Sustaining Transformational Pastors
  • Resourcing Healthy, Missional Churches
  • Networking Anabaptist Church Planting Partnerships

Click here to download our Core Tasks brochure

WDC Constitution/Bylaws

WDC Structure

View diagram of WDC Structure


Read about the history of Western District Conference

2017 was the 125th year anniversary of Western District Conference.  Read about the history of Western District congregations!

Timeline 1874-2017

WDC Facility Usage

Need a conference room or meeting space for an upcoming meeting?  The WDC office has two conference rooms/meeting spaces available, dependent upon availability.  Read our FACILITY USAGE GUIDE for more information.

WDC Review of Culture and Responsibilities Summary Report

June, 2020:  In September 2018 the WDC Executive Board directed WDC leadership to conduct an internal review of WDC Culture and Responsibilities — to learn from the experience of processing ministerial misconduct and sexual abuse responses and to understand and strengthen WDC’s accountability and ministry practices. This review focused on how WDC engages with credentialed ministers as well as congregations and their leaders when responding to complex challenges and crises and how this is shaped by WDC practices, polity and programs and by expectations, support and accountability for WDC conference ministry staff.  These areas of concern were identified for the review: 1) Relationship between WDC and its congregations; 2) Leadership relationships within WDC; 3) Resourcing, support and accountability for credentialed ministers, congregations and congregational leaders for prevention of and response to sexual abuse; 4) Support, accountability and resources for WDC Conference Minister and Associate Conference Ministers; 5) Specific issues regarding MC USA’s Ministerial Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedure and implications for future implementation of the policy and procedure in WDC. The Executive Board has now concluded the review process, which will provide ongoing guidance and priorities for WDC’s work in the future.  A summary report from the review is posted HERE.  Questions or comments may be directed to Heidi Regier Kreider, Conference Minister.

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