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Summer Reading for All Ages in All Places!!

We invite everyone to participate in the summer reading challenge!  Grow in faith this summer as you read.  Summer reading programs for children and adults with prizes.  If you live at a distance, we will mail books to you, or start the Box of Books program at your church!

Kids (ages 0-12)  summer reading program  signup:

Adults (ages 12 and up) sign up and download your reading challenge at:

Biblioteca – Digital Anabautista
Spanish digital Anabaptist online library

The Conference Resource Library…

  • Is open Monday through Friday from 8 am – 5 pm.
  • Is staffed by Jennie Wintermote, Library Director.  Her hours are 8:30-11:30 am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  If you can’t come during those times, email your requests to Jennie at:, and she’ll have materials ready when you come.  Other Western District Conference staff can assist you when Jennie is not here, though she knows best what is available!
  • Provides resources in a variety of formats: books, DVDs, curriculum, periodicals and anthems.  Note:  To search the DVD collection in the Online Catalog, click the “Visual Tab”, then on the material “Type”.  Select DVD.  You will be able to read description, running time, session titles and more.  A separate DVD/Video catalog is no longer published.
  • Offers the “Box of Books” program which provides bulk loans to churches for a two month period.
  • Hosts a weekly Story Time for preschoolers of area Mennonite churches.
  • Runs a Summer Reading Program for children and adults.
  • Has an on-line catalog of over 12,000 holdings.
  • Features the Music Lending Library that consists of multiple copies of 450 anthems for church choirs or small musical groups. A keyboard is available for use in the library or to borrow.
  • Is the oldest and largest Mennonite Resource Center in the United States.  It began as a vision of the Western District Education Committee in 1936 and was previously located on the Bethel College campus.  The Library is now located at 2517 North Main, North Newton, KS.  Complete with a lounge, it is a perfect setting to read, study, meet friends, and see what’s new!

Access our online catalog 24/7 on your smart phone!

Browse, renew, reserve and enjoy!  You can also scan ANY barcode from a book anywhere and if we have it in the library – you will be directed immediately to that record in our catalog.  The APP is: ‘Atriuum On The Go’ for Android devices and for Apple Iphones.  WATCH AN INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO HERE! Here are the steps to get connected to the WDC Resource Library on your smartphone:   The link below will take you to the Book Systems site and give you an overview of each mobile app and will show you where to to download each mobile app.

1. You will go the app store for Apple and download the App you are looking for: Atriuum On The Go

2. Once downloaded you will need to enter the server settings below:


Port: no input needed, it automatically defaults to the correct port.

Library: crl, this is your library prefix.


The Conference Resource Library is happy to offer carefully-chosen, high-quality materials.  Our churches are theologically and geographically diverse.  Not every video will be a perfect match for your group.  Please preview each video before use and decide for yourself whether it is suitable for your setting.

  • Videos are available to any member of a Western District or South Central Conference church.
  • Videos may be reserved up to four months in advance of showing date.
  • Videos are loaned for 3 weeks not including mailing days.  Videos must be returned or mailed the next working day after showing.
  • THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR BORROWING VIDEOS!  However, for each video that is mailed to a borrower, there is a postage fee of $3.00 per video or $5.00 for a kit/series.  We also welcome donations from Sunday school classes or other groups using a video series.
  • Each item is inspected upon return.  Any damages because of negligence will result in the user being charged for replacement cost of the video.
  • Remember; please do not leave videos in hot vehicles, direct sun, or near magnetic devices.
  • Let us know how we can be of service to your church!  Suggestions for possible purchase and donations to the Conference Resource Library are welcome.

“Box of Books” Program

  • Expand the current collection of your church library.
  • Introduce your congregation to new materials.
  • Provide resources on a particular subject area.
  • Stretch your church library budget.
  • Generate interest in your library.

How does it work?

  1. A contact person in the congregation completes a profile sheet and submits it to the Conference Resource Library.
  2. The Conference Resource Library staff selects 25 books and sends them to the church.
  3. The contact person promotes the Box of Books in the congregation and monitors the materials.
  4. After two months, the contact person collects the books and mails the box back to the Conference Resource Library, and the cycle begins again.

Note:  The congregation pays for postage both ways and is responsible for any damaged or lost books.

Box of Books Profile Sheet

Library Resources

Faith Formation at Home Booklist

“Check it Out” Resource Guides

Resource Lists

Discussion Guides

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