The Conference Resource Library is happy to offer carefully-chosen, high-quality materials.  Our churches are theologically and geographically diverse.  Not every video/DVD will be a perfect match for your group.  Please preview each video/DVD before use and decide for yourself whether it is suitable for your setting.
  • Videos/DVDs are available to any member of a Western District Conference church.
  • Videos/DVDs may be reserved up to four months in advance of showing date.
  • Videos/DVDs are loaned for 3 weeks not including mailing days.  Videos/DVDs must be returned or mailed the next working day after showing.
  • THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR BORROWING VIDEOS/DVDS!  However, for each video/DVD that is mailed to a borrower, there is a postage fee of $3.00 per video or $5.00 for a kit/series.  We also welcome donations from Sunday school classes or other groups using a video/DVD series.
  • Each item is inspected upon return.  Any damages because of negligence will result in the user being charged for replacement cost of the video.
  • Remember; please do not leave videos/DVDs in hot vehicles, direct sun, or near magnetic devices.
  • Let us know how we can be of service to your church!  Suggestions for possible purchase and donations to the Conference Resource Library are welcome.