Western District Conference supports congregations and leaders in responding to coronavirus (COVID-19), as they seek to plan wisely and care for members of the community.  In the midst of the uncertainty and fears that we all face in this time, here are some resources to assist you:


Financial Resources:

Extravagant Generosity

Why Choose Generosity in Times of Uncertainty and Fear?

Virtual Gathering, Real Community


Church Finances during COVID-19


(Facebook video) Glen Guyton on how MCUSA and it’s agencies are caring for members


COVID-19 Resources and Ideas

Ritual at a Distance


Being Church in a Time of Coronovirus


Resources from MC USA:     (Check back for ongoing updates.)

Informational sheet from Everence in English and Spanish to help churches respond to and manage issues related to the coronavirus epidemic.

Free booklet from Christianity Today, “A Concise Coronavirus Guide for Churches” with scriptural and theological reflections, as well as practical guidelines for church activities and planning:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Resources for Community- and Faith-Based Leaders at

Other information from CDC:

– English –

– Spanish –

– Factsheet – English:

– Factsheet – Spanish:

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