Resources for Congregations

Covid-19 resources:

For Covid-19 resources, click HERE.

Leadership resources:

Mennonite Church USA Pastor/Congregation resources

Mennonite Church USA – Ministerial Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedure

Guidelines for Pastor and Congregation Reviews

WDC Procedure regarding ministers officiating same-sex weddings

WDC Sample Litanies for churches

Archival Records recommendations for congregations

Faith formation resources:

WDC Resource Library –

Anabaptist Faith Formation Network  – On this website you’ll find resources to equip disciples of Jesus in the Anabaptist tradition.

Upside-Down King Bible Study

This Bible study was written by WDC member Carol Duerksen and designed to share Jesus’ message as found in Gospel of Luke.

Detectives of Divinity Bible Curriculum

The development of this 13-session curriculum for grades 1-5 was sponsored by the WDC Resource Commission, and developed by Western District teachers, artists, and business people (who created a non-profit called “Springs Forth!”).  The materials grow out of and reflect our Anabaptist understanding of the Scriptures, and the values are based on the life and teachings of Jesus.  A review copy of this curriculum is available in the WDC Resource Library!