by Jennie Wintermote, Resource Library Director

Some of you may have read my July 2 Spouts Article where I reflected on who Western District Conference is, and why we exist.  After our Annual Assembly (July 26-27), I might say we worship, sing, play, celebrate, deliberate, learn, act, praise, seek, listen, share, love, and so much more!  We are a family who (though imperfect) seeks to faithfully follow God and also seeks ways to join God’s action in our communities.

Over the last few months, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about WDC’s Mission Statement and what it means to be a part of WDC.  How can I start the conversation in my family, at my church, in my community about God and God’s great plan? As any librarian might do, I put together some lists of resources to help explore our Mission Statement in depth and imagine where my life and this mission intersect.  As I worked through this project, I got really excited. There is a look of brokenness and pain in our world…but God is doing amazing things. God longs for peace and offers hope–and we have the incredible privilege of being one of the conduits of that peace and hope.

So what is WDC?  Why do we exist?

We empower Anabaptist/Mennonite congregations to:

Witness & invite others to faith in Jesus Christ,

Dwell in just & loving relationships,

Connect to God’s mission in the world.

What does that mean in practical every-day actions?  I’ve pulled together three lists (one for each line of our Mission Statement) that help you (or your small group, family, Sunday school class, or congregation) explore what this means in your context.

Stop by the library, or visit the lists on our online catalog to explore the WDC Mission Statement.   Or contact me at the library, (316)283-6300.