September 24, 2019

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*A Treasure


A Treasure

by Jennie Wintermote, Conference Resource Library Director

I have the best job.  Every day I get to care for a precious treasure.   The WDC Resource Library is a unique treasure–the only library of its kind in Mennonite Church USA.  At least one other area conference has curriculum-type resources available, but our library is about 12 times larger.  Our resources are available to anyone in the conference from Nebraska to Texas and everywhere in between.  Individuals as well as groups are welcome to browse our catalog.  The North Newton, KS location has almost 13,000 DVDs, Books, Curriculum and more while the Texas Branch features Spanish-language resources for leaders. While tending to this treasure, I get to share it by doing some (or all of these) in a typical day:

  • Send a box of Bible studies to Western Kansas to help new Christians study the scriptures
  • Pack up a box of 25 resources for a Central Texas congregation to use for the next two months
  • Mail some DVDs and group game books to Nebraska for use by their children during a congregational meeting
  • Help an individual find ideas for a children’s story in Central Kansas
  • Check out a book on Christian parenting to a patron in North Newton KS
  • Help a couple of elementary students find a good book that shares a story about peace

Treasures are meant to be enjoyed, don’t let this special WDC treasure sit gathering dust!  Contact the library (or stop by) today.  The treasure awaits!   crlib@mennowdc.org or (316)283-6300

WDC announcements

  1. Leadership Lunches continue on the fourth Thursday of each month. These lunch discussions are based on Kansas Leadership Center (KLC) principles, competencies, and behaviors, but please come even if you haven’t attended a KLC training. Case studies are used to guide our time together. Come join us on Thursday, September 26 at the WDC offices from 12-1:30pm (bring your own lunch).  If you want to join via Zoom video conference, let us know (wdc@mennowdc.org), and you will be sent a link.
  1. WDC has multiple copies of the 1989 Hymnal Sampler (139 copies) and the 1983 Assembly Songbook (87 copies) available for anyone or any church that could use these resources.  Contact Nancy at wdc@mennowdc.orgor 316-283-6300.

Camp Mennoscah announcements

  1. Scribble it on your calendar!  Use a crayon or marker, but get that October 5 Work and Play Day at Camp Mennoscah on your calendar.  These days of productivity and fun start at 8:30am.  We have a simple lunch, finish last details, and then the rest of the day is yours for camp fun and relaxation!  Call us to let us know you are coming–620-297-3290!
  1. Removing the dam (temporarily)!  Camp Mennoscah annually removes the boards of the dam in the fall.  We will remove the dam on October 6 at 2pm with the chance of some preparations happening beforehand.  All are welcome to join in or to watch!
  1. Monsters at Bethel College’s Fall Festival!  Camp Mennoscah is offering Monster (Cookies), water, and an assortment of souvenirs for sale at Bethel College’s Fall Fest on October 12.  Don’t miss out on some monstrous goodies and $5 old-style tees!
  1. Scrapbook and Crafts Retreats!  Camp Mennoscah offers two fall retreats for croppers and crafters, Nov. 1-3 and Nov. 15-17.  These retreats are for any skill level, grades 3 through adult.  Register now at campmennoscah.org!  The retreats are filling up fast!

Mennonite church announcements

  1. Save the date:  February 21-23, 2020 Hesston College Anabaptist Vision and Discipleship (AVDS) Series conference:  Living More With More, Redefining the Good Life.  Watch for further information and registration in December.    https://www.hesston.edu/events/avds/
  1. Central Plains Mennonite Conference is seeking an Executive Conference Minister, (ECM) with particular strengths in collaborative leadership, communication, vision setting and implementation. The ECM’s leadership will guide our congregations and conference leadership groups to help us fulfill our mission. The ECM will lead and supervise our Conference Ministry Staff offering guidance and support. The ECM helps Central Plains Mennonite Conference participate in the mission and vision of MC USA by participating in church-wide experiences like CLC and Mennonite Mission Network. For a more detailed description of the ECM role go to www.centralplainsmc.org. Please contact Conference Moderator, Shawn Nolt (slnolt7@gmail.com– 402-364-3493), or Interim Executive Conference Minister, Marcia Yoder-Schrock (myoderschrock@gmail.com – 319-371-7333) to explore further or to share your interest in this position.

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