June 29, 2021

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Something to Say

by Olivia Bartel, Camp Mennoscah Executive Director

Jesus had a lot to say.  There were the parables, the preaching at the temple, the teachings by the sea and those one-on-one interactions that were both welcoming and put you in an uncomfortable spot. Think of the woman at the well or Zacchaeus in the tree, for example, or disciples leaving behind their livelihoods to follow Jesus.

Saying things was an important part of Jesus’ ministry.  Love your neighbor.  Serve others.  Give and don’t store up treasures for yourself.

We don’t speak about the ministry of Camp Mennoscah enough.  Maybe it’s a little because we are “doers” at camp, filling the days with lanyards, Gaga ball, singing at campfire and lunchtime silliness. Perhaps it’s a bit because it seems obvious, as if everyone should know we’re building relationships and learning about Jesus as we do all these fun things.

Talking about Camp Mennoscah’s ministry is something we need to be better at.  We should be telling the story of the camper reading the book of Esther because he wanted to learn more or talking about the happiness campers find in giving friendship bracelets to others.  The dedication of the summer staff who voluntarily take on extra tasks to make sure campers can do the activities they enjoy should be noted. The story of grandparents rejoicing because of the growth they have seen in their grandchildren at Camp Mennoscah should be shared.

We should be saying more because these stories say some of the same things that Jesus said.  Love others.  Give freely.  Come and follow me.  In talking about how we are living as God’s people and practicing hope at camp, we’re reaching out to people like Jesus reached out to people.

What could be easier in sharing Jesus’ message than telling stories about something you love?

Prayer Requests

July 4 – Pray for delegates, youth groups and others from WDC attending MennoCon21 (Mennonite Church USA convention and delegate assembly) both virtually and in-person this week.

July 11 – Pray for the WDC Ministerial Leadership Commission as they meet this week, and offer support and accountability for ministerial leadership in the conference.

July 18 – Pray for the WDC Resource Commission as they meet this week and work to equip congregations in faith formation for all ages, peacemaking, justice, evangelism and other ministries.

July 25 – Pray for WDC’s Annual Assembly next weekend, as we share the new experience of a hybrid (in-person and online) gathering!

Coming Events

July 5 – WDC office closed

July 16 – WDC Ministerial Leadership Commission meeting

July 22 – WDC Resource Commission meeting

July 29 – WDC Final Thursday Book Discussion

July 30-Aug 1 – WDC Assembly

Aug 2 – WDC office closed

Aug 12 – WDC Church Planting Commission meeting

Aug 24 – WDC Stewardship Commission meeting

Sept 11 – WDC Executive Board meeting

Ministry Openings

First Mennonite Church, Beatrice, NE – Pastor

First Mennonite Church, Newton, KS – Pastor

Hoffnungsau Mennonite Church, Inman, KS – Pastor

Joy Mennonite Church, Oklahoma City, OK – Pastor

Manhattan Mennonite Church, Manhattan, KS – Pastor

Turpin Mennonite Church, Turpin, OK – Pastor

WDC announcements

  1. Shaking up the WDC Assembly worshipSaturday evening (July 31)!  Virtual participants, grab your supper at home, and onsite participants, get your supper from a food truck (at Faith Mennonite Church, Newton, KS), then join us for a time of worship and communion around the supper table.  We hope you’ll join us for this and other creative worship times, seminars/webinars, and more July 30-August 1 as part of the WDC Annual Assembly.  For more Assembly information, go to:  https://mennowdc.org/2021-wdc-annual-assembly/.
  1. WDC Assembly Sunday Worship: How can we join August 1 Assembly worship?  Join us in-person at 10:30 am at Faith Mennonite Church, 2100 N Anderson, Newton, KS.  Or worship via YouTube Live at 10:30 am wherever you are.  Or watch the recording on our WDC YouTube channel at Western District Conference (MC USA) whenever it is convenient for you.  Join us for Friday (July 30) worship at 7 pm in any of these ways, too!
  1. WDC delegates appointed by the WDC Executive Board to the Mennonite Church USA Delegate Assembly on July 10 are Lois Barrett, Delon Martens, June Krehbiel, Karen Mascho, Lee Lever, Heidi Regier Kreider, Sandra Montes-Martinez, Kathy Neufeld Dunn, Lilly Garcia (youth delegate) and Andrea Hernandez (youth delegate).  Pray for the Spirit’s presence and guidance for these representatives, as well as WDC congregational delegates, youth groups and others who gather virtually or in person for MennoCon21, July 6-10.
  1. Storytelling opportunity! WDC’s Annual Assembly theme is “Woven into God’s Story.” StoryCorps has invited WDC to partner with their storytelling project, One Small Step, to share and record our own stories within WDC. OneSmall Step is an initiative to facilitate online conversations between people of different viewpoints and life experiences. (Facilitators are bilingual, so conversations may be either in Spanish or English).  Thank you to those who have registered to participate in this initiative!  We are still seeking additional registrants to meet the number needed for the project, so StoryCorps has rescheduled WDC’s virtual recording days for October 7-9 (instead of July).  With this change in dates, participants will be matched with a conversation partner from the WDC community OR from the StoryCorps national community, to make sure everyone has an opportunity for a conversation. This means you still have time to sign up!  To register, go to https://onesmallstep.storycorps.org/wdc/.  To learn more, see these examples of One Small Step stories.

¡Oportunidad de contar historias! El tema de la Asamblea Anual de WDC es “Entrelazados en la Historia de Dios”. StoryCorps ha invitado a WDC a asociarse con su proyecto de narración, One Small Step, para compartir y grabar nuestras propias historias dentro de WDC. One Small Step es una iniciativa para facilitar conversaciones en línea entre personas de diferentes puntos de vista y experiencias de vida. (Los facilitadores son bilingües, por lo que las conversaciones pueden ser en español o en inglés). ¡Gracias a quienes se han registrado para participar en esta iniciativa! Todavía estamos buscando personas adicionales que se inscriban para cumplir con el número necesario para el proyecto, por lo que StoryCorps ha reprogramado los días de grabación virtual de WDC para el 7 y 9 de octubre (en lugar de julio). Con este cambio en las fechas, los participantes serán emparejados con un compañero/a de conversación de la comunidad de WDC O de la comunidad nacional de StoryCorps, para asegurarse de que todos tengan la oportunidad de conversar. ¡Esto significa que todavía tiene tiempo para registrarse! Para registrarse, vaya a https://onesmallstep.storycorps.org/wdc/. Para obtener más información, consulte estos ejemplos de historias de One Small Step en stories.

  1. Join us in saying thanks to WDC Administrative Assistant Nancy Funk! If you would like to share an expression of appreciation for Nancy in anticipation of her retirement at the end of August, you are invited to stop by to visit with Nancy at the WDC office (2517 North Main Street, N. Newton, KS) over the next several weeks, or to send a note to her at WDC, PO Box 306, North Newton, KS 67117, or wdc@mennowdc.org.
  1. KLC Leadership Lunchesare on summer break.  We will reconvene in September.
  1. Today, we say goodbye to WDC Sprouts, this is the final issue!  From now on, WDC articles, announcements and other information will be posted exclusively on the websiteat https://mennowdc.org/.  Email alerts will let you know when new content is posted.

Camp Mennoscah announcements

  1. Family Weekend at Camp Mennoscah on July 17-18!  If you’re looking for a weekend to escape, this retreat offers a smorgasbord of camp activities for you to choose from and plenty of time to be with your family and friends.  Register at campmennoscah.organd contact 620-297-3290 with questions!
  1. Extra help needed for summer youth camps!  Camp Mennoscah has paid and volunteer positions for grounds, maintenance and custodial positions.  Volunteer kitchen staff is needed for July 18-24; willing hands and the ability to follow directions is all that is needed.  Contact Camp Mennoscah at 620-297-3290 or olivia.bartel@campmennoscah.orgfor details.  You will make camp an amazing experience for everyone!
  1. August 28 is the next Work Day at Camp Mennoscah!  We’ll remind you again, but save the date. You make camp great!

Mennonite church announcements

Want to be an integral part of a young adult’s life? Become a unit leader for Service Adventure, a gap-year program for ages 17-20 from Mennonite Mission Network. Unit leaders, who are at least 24 years of age, serve as mentors to the young adults in the Service Adventure household. Leaders are needed in Johnstown, PA. Learn more by contacting SusanN@MennoniteMission.net.

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