July 21, 2015

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*Disc Golf, Anyone?



Disc Golf, Anyone?

     By John Stoesz, Camp Mennoscah Executive Director

We have had a good summer at Camp Mennoscah. As I write this most of the summer camps have ended and only a couple remain. A great big “thank you” to the staff – Olivia Bartel, Camp Director; Gardell Stucky, Facilities and Maintenance Director; and Deborah Dimmick, Office Assistant; as well as to the Summer Staff – Adam Voth, Amy Wedel, Erin Doerksen, Kate Joliff, Keri Kauffman, Kyndell Hightree, and Peter Voth. In addition there were well over 100 volunteers as Program Directors, Counselors, Nurses, Kitchen Help, Input people and others. Thank you so much! It is appreciated.

I am excited about a new development. Camp Mennoscah will soon be the owners of a brand new Disc Golf Course. The Board of Directors approved a budget of $3,500, and the first $2,200 is already in hand. Patrick Loganbill – now a Board member and a recent Summer Staffer – is heading up the project for the Board. Eric Preheim – a Bethel College student and the designer of the Bethel College course – is excited to be the one chosen to work on the Camp course.

Last summer I tried playing gaga ball – and I discovered that gaga ball, although popular with campers, is not a sport for old men (at least not this old man). This summer I’m giving disc golf a try. Hopefully I’ll have better luck with that. Even though we don’t have a course yet, some of the Summer Staff and counselors have designed several “holes.” I can’t toss the disc as far as they do, so I’m concentrating on throwing it straight. With a bit of luck I won’t embarrass myself at the Disc Golf Tournament at the Annual Meeting.

That’s right, we expect to have the course ready for the Annual Meeting on the afternoon of Sunday, September 20 at Camp. Activities will start at 3:30. In addition to disc golf there will be a Nature Walk, Bath House Tours and a Scavenger Hunt. After a short meeting and election we will enjoy a simple meal together at around 5:30. All ages are welcome! Please RSVP to Deborah at office@campmennoscah.org or at 620-297-3014. Won’t you join the fun and save the date on your calendar?

WDC Announcements

  1. Pre-order Your Camp Sing Tee Shirt!  Camp Mennoscah’s Camp Sing is August 9 at Grace Hill Mennonite Church at 6pm.  We’ll be rollicking and rolling with an evening of camp songs, popcorn, generic pop, and amazing times with friends.  The tee shirt design (created by Greg Shelly, Michael Unruh, and Katrina Heinrichs) can be seen on the Camp Mennoscah Facebook page.  Pre-order yours online by “registering” for the Camp Sing through our online registration (listed as one of our Retreats) or by calling 620-297-3290.  Colors are aquatic blue, red, clover green, and charcoal grey.
  1. Camp Mennoscah holds a Mental Health Spiritual Retreat annually.  This year’s retreat for those affected by mental illness–individuals, family, and friends–is September 6-7.  Activities include worship, music, a hayrack ride, swimming, and sessions on the theme of “Power Up.”  Contact Camp Mennoscah at 620-297-3290 for information or see the brochure online at www.campmennoscah.org under Retreats.  We’ll see you there!
  1. Work, Play, and Coffee Breaks!  Camp Mennoscah’s Work & Play Camp, Sept. 20-23, is famous (in certain circles) for amazing coffee breaks, incredible volunteer projects, and astounding fellowship.  Come experience camp in a new way (or the same old way, if you’re a long-time Work & Play attendee)!  Tasks are available for all levels of skill and activity.  Register online or contact Camp Mennoscah at 620-297-3290.

Mennonite Church Announcements

(For Sunday, July 26) Mennonite World Conference’s global Assembly might be over, but the fun continues!  Thousands of Anabaptists from around the world are visiting churches in Pennsylvania this morning and some will be continuing on to Assembly Scattered events around North America in the coming days.  Please pray for MWC staff as they finish cleaning up and for participants as they travel home… and if you missed the excitement this week, check out mwc-cmm.org for highlight videos, photos, and stories.


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