July 2, 2019
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*What Do You Do?
What Do You Do?
     by Jennie Wintermote, Conference Resource Library Director
This last weekend I attended a wedding (it’s that season, isn’t it?)  Over our chips and salsa at the reception, we caught up on work, kids, and other things that fill our days.  As I think back on it now, when I said that I work for Western District Conference as the director of the Resource Library, I wonder what they thought.
What could I have said briefly to explain WDC and why it’s important that we exist?  I could start with our mission statement –
     WDC empowers Anabaptist/Mennonite congregations to:
          Witness & invite others to faith in Jesus Christ,
          Dwell in just & loving relationships,
          Connect to God’s mission in the world.
Or I could list our core tasks –
     Sustaining Transformational Pastors
     Resourcing Healthy, Missional Churches
     Networking Anabaptist Church Planting Partnerships
But maybe it’s through actually sharing my work “testimony”.  I work for WDC, an area conference of Mennonite Church USA.  We’re a grouping of Anabaptist/Mennonite congregations that are seeking authentic ways of joining God’s work in the local (and global) contexts.  We do this through witnessing and inviting others to faith in Jesus Christ and dwelling in just and loving relationships.  I get to help connect individuals, groups, and congregations with resources that help explore witnessing and inviting, disciple-making, relationship-building, justice seeking and more.  I get to hear what’s going on in congregations, celebrate the ways we are together seeking and ushering in God’s Shalom, praying for the brokenness in our world and the ways we fall short of justice, and thanking God for working through, in, and sometimes in spite of us all.
I think I could’ve shared that all quickly – at least before the cake was cut – and let them know why WDC is important.  We are not just another organization that exists to exist.  We (all of us from pastors to babies being dedicated, from conference ministers to first-time attenders) have a place in WDC and work to do – work that is enriched and supported by the conference.  So, the next time you’re at a wedding, talking about your own work, take a second to think about WDC.  Why is it important for you to be a part of our shared good work?

WDC announcements

1.  Family Festival:  As a wrap-up to WDC Annual Assembly, Saturday, July 27, 5:30-9 pm we are offering our neighbors a gift of food, inflatables for the young and young of heart, music, and more.  Invite your Central Kansas friends!  See attached flyer for more details. (Central Kansas churches can use the attached flier inserts document to make copies for bulletins or mailboxes.)

2.  We’re connecting with our friends from the broader Mennonite Church through service projects and tours of Mennonite Central Committee Central States, Kauffman Museum, Everence, Mennonite Disaster Service and others.  Please come hear about and participate in the work of these ministry partners at the Western District Conference Annual Assembly, July 26-27 at Bethel College, North Newton, KS.  For more information, go to:  https://mennowdc.org/annual-assembly/#2019annualAssembly

3. Attn:  WDC Congregation offices:  For the upcoming Annual Assembly, each congregation is entitled to one vote for every 30 members or fraction thereof based on your membership number as of January 1, 2019.  Delegates may carry more than one vote if necessary.  Please send your membership number and delegate names to wdc@mennowdc.org or call 316-283-6300 by July 12.  Even if no delegates will attend the Assembly, your membership number is needed for WDC records.

4.  Imperfect Peace Witness Tour:  As part of Assembly on Saturday, July 27, 2:30-5 pm, tour participants will learn about Central Kansas “peace heroes” who stood up to nationalist neighbors during WWI.  All tour-goers will gather in the Kauffman Museum parking lot and travel together in an air-conditioned charter bus.  $10 for those who also register for WDC Annual Assembly. $20 for those who just plan to go on the afternoon tour.  We are raising money for Mennonite Library and Archives after expenses, so more stories like this may be told.

Camp Mennoscah announcements
1.  We are MennoCon19 in Kansas City this week!  Stop by the Mennonite Camping Association booth and check out all the amazing camps that are part of the wider Anabaptist camping ministry (including Camp Mennoscah!).  We’re spreading the news of fun faith formation and hearing stories of camps across the United States and Canada.

2.  The fun is just beginning!  Summer Youth Camps at Camp Mennoscah are stunning and we are thrilled we have 5 amazing camp weeks left.  Campers are welcome to register for a week of faith, fun, and fellowship on the theme of Peace Works: Empowering Peacemakers.  It’s an awesome time with worship, swimming, crafts, nature, and lots of friends!  Register at campmennoscah.org!

3.  Young Adult Weekend on August 2-4!  Young adults (18 and older) are invited to spend a weekend enjoying camp activities, worship, and fellowship.  Attendees will share in preparing simple meals.  Scholarships are available online in the registration process or contact Camp Mennoscah at 620-297-3290 for information.  Register at campmennoscah.org!

4.  Sing for Camp Mennoscah!  We’re having our annual Camp Sing celebration of a stunning summer of youth camps on August 11 at Hoffnungsau Mennonite Church in Inman, KS.  We’ll start with a storytime from 5:45pm – 6:05pm, followed by joyous singing at 6:30pm.  After joyfully worshiping in camp songs and hymns, we’ll share in popcorn, pop and conversation.  All are invited, whatever your age or skill!

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