January 2, 2018

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*Preparing for Something New

Preparing for Something New

     by Jennie Wintermote, WDC Resource Library Director

Between Christmas and New Year’s, my husband and I spent some time preparing.  As we prepared to welcome a new year, we also prepared a safe environment for our daughter.  At 9 months old, she is beginning to crawl and our house was full of hazards.   We covered outlets, removed our coffee table, and created order out of the chaos of our home office (and decided we better still keep that door closed!).  As we prepared a clean space for our daughter to explore and grow, I wonder, in what ways do I need to take inventory and clean out the junk in order that something new might flourish in my spiritual life as well?  As I think about my spiritual growth as being in the areas of relationships (with God, myself, others, and all of creation), I wonder what might help me grow.

I know that while caring for a young one, taking time to nurture each of these areas of my life has become even more challenging.  I know that regular connection to our church (involving worship and engagement with others) and spiritual reading are two key ways for me to do this.  Western District Conference plays a significant role in each of these things.  As I am a member of a WDC congregation, I benefit from the events (such as the upcoming Year of Evangelism Kickoff), networking/sharing of ideas, and resourcing for our pastors (among many other things).  And most personally I benefit from the WDC Resource Library!

There are many ways the Resource Library can help prepare your heart for exploration and growth in 2018.  We have wonderful resources for your Sunday school, small group, or individual study.  Check out our DVDs, curriculum, and study guides!  Challenge yourself to faithfully consider current issues of white privilege and race relations, immigration, poverty, and nonviolent response.   Enrich your spiritual life with a book of spiritual practices or worship.  Expand your knowledge of the scriptures or Anabaptist history.  Explore evangelism or spiritual friendships or share a good book with a child in your life (we have fiction to engage your faith written for all ages!)

These are only a few of the ways the Resource Library can help you grow in faith.  Stop by, or send an email to find out more!  Remember we mail books to any congregation or individual in Western District Conference!

Blessings to you in this new year as you explore new ways to walk with God.

WDC announcements

  1. Western District Conference (Mennonite Church USA) seeks 3/4-time business manager:  accounting experience desirable; computer and organizational skills; ability to work independently and set goals; effective communicator – team player; committed to WDC mission.  See mennowdc.orgfor further information.
  1. Worship at WDC’s Year of Evangelism Kick Off:  Anabaptist Witness will be a blend of ancient spiritual practices and upbeat bluegrass style with Bethany Amstutz, Gene Thieszen, and friends.  Everyone’s invited to worship our God of healing love, justice and welcome on January 19-20.  Learn more and register by January 11 at:  https://mennowdc.org/year-of-evangelism/
  1. We’re cleaning out the archives!  Back issues of The Mennonite, The Christian Century, Christianity Today, Group, Children’s Ministry, and more and available (first come, first served) at the WDC Resource Library in North Newton, KS.  Stop by and take some home today!  (Donations welcome.)

Mennonite church announcements
1.  Save the Date – Sunday, January 14: for a special screening of the film Awake: A Dream from Standing Rock at 3pm in the Luyken Fine Arts Center at Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas. The film captures the story of Native-led defiance that forever changed the fight for clean water, our environment and the future of our planet. A talk-back session will follow the film featuring film Co-Director Myron Dewey. MCC is teaming up with Kansas Institute for Peace & Conflict Resolution (KIPCOR) for this free event. Please join us!

2.  Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) asks that you please share this video with your congregation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAP8C-Vesvgwe couldn’t do our work without your support, thank you!

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