December 6, 2016

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*Rich Resource for You and By You


Rich Resource for You and By You

     by Kathy Neufeld Dunn, Associate Conference Minister (KS-based)

Are you desperate for a new Christmas Bible series for your Sunday School class?  Are you wondering what interesting stewardship study ideas might be available for your older adults in January or February?  Are you coming up dry with creative, contemplative prayer practices for young adults in your congregation?  Go to the Anabaptist Faith Formation website at www.anabaptistfaithformation.org.  This is “a one-stop hub for Anabaptist faith formation resources and curriculum for all ages.”  There are links to so many wonderful, Anabaptist Christian resources.  If you are like me, I come up with a basic idea for a study group, then I do an online search and the search engine gives me a huge list of articles on “Jonah” or “Jerusalem.”  Then it’s up to me to discern which of these integrate well with or enhance our Anabaptist Christian faith development and which don’t.  All internet resources are not created equal.  When you go to Anabaptist Faith Formation website, you can be assured that all of the materials listed are “curated by Anabaptists.”  Not all of the resources are created by Anabaptists, but they are all reviewed by Anabaptist scholars, pastors, and Christian educators.  It’s a great place to begin your search for solid, thoughtful, creative faith formation ideas for people in your congregation.

The other wonderful thing about this website is any of us who have used or created new resources in our congregations and conferences that were well-received can submit them, so others can enjoy them, too.  Please hit the “submission” button freely and often with links to where to purchase the DVD or the link for where to find free online resources.  If you have questions about using the website, please contact me at kathynd@mennowdc.org.

The more we use the Anabaptist Faith Formation website, the more rich this resource will become.  After all, it is for us and by us!

WDC Announcements

  1. Pastors’ Brown Bag Lunch: Tuesday, December 13, 12-1:15 pm.   Brown Bag Lunch in the middle of DECEMBER?!  In the immortal words of Ted & Company, “People Gots to Eat!”  Join your colleagues to discuss the two articles on Anabaptists and our struggles with evangelism, “Tongue Screws and Testimony” and “Keeping Good News and Good Works Together.”  We asked you to read these in preparation for the lunch with James Krabill, then we discussed other aspects of holistic witness.  Both articles are available free online.  Bring your lunch to the WDC Offices.  We’ll provide the drinks.
  1. The December 2016/January 2016 issue of WDC Garden has been sent to WDC churches for distribution. This publication is also available online at:  https://mennowdc.org/wdc-garden-december-2016january-2017/.
  1. Know Jesus 2017, organized by the Western District and South Central Conference Youth Ministry Committee and hosted by Hesston College, is a weekend-long retreat for Jr. High (6th – 8th grade) students to worship together and learn more about their Anabaptist roots. The goal is to help young people learn about their rich heritage and also to promote growth in their lives now.  Our hope is to provide an environment for our 6th-8th graders to grow in relationship with Jesus Christ.  Complete information attached or available online at:  https://mennowdc.org/know-jesus-2017/
  1. Know someone who’s hard to shop for? Celebrate Christmas by donating a book in their honor to the Resource Library.  A registry list of Resource Library wishes can be found on Amazon at http://a.co/jasaOal (or call the library).  Order straight from Amazon and have it shipped to the library, or buy local and mark the book on the Amazon site as “buying this gift elsewhere.”   Also welcome are any Spanish language or bi-lingual resources.  We would love new, or like new/excellent condition books.  All Christmas gifts will be acknowledged with a special bookplate inside the book, just let us know who to honor.
  1. The Tabor Mennonite Youth Fellowship, Newton, KS will share their annual living nativity, Night in the Barn, on December 17 and 18 from 6-8 pm The friendly goat, the large cow with her little calf, the peaceful sheep, and the baby and big donkeys that share their love of people—these are a few of the critters who will assemble in the barn of Maynard Knepp and Carol Duerksen between Goessel and Hillsboro. The story this year will be from the perspective of a sheep that witnessed the first Christmas, and is from a new book by Kim Funk called “Christmas at the Stable.”  The come-and-go event includes Christmas carols around a bonfire, hot drinks and snacks.  Admission is free and donations to the youth group will be accepted.  Directions to Night in the Barn:  From Goessel: 3 miles north on Hwy 15, 4 miles east on 150th, ¾ north on Falcon. From Hillsboro, 4 miles south on Indigo, 3 west on 150th, ¾ north on Falcon. From McPherson, Hwy 56 to Hwy 15 south, 5 miles on Hwy 15 to 150th, 4 miles east on 150th and ¾ north on Falcon. (Follow these directions and not GPS) For more information, call 620-386-0709.
  1. Christmas Gathering for Summer Youth Camp Volunteers! On December 17th at 2:30pm-ish, all summer youth camp volunteers from all years and their families are invited to come to Camp Mennoscah for an afternoon of stories, fun, and fellowship.  We’ll provide cookies and drinks, and there will be an all-ages white elephant gift exchange for those interested.  Free free to bring a tasty treat to share.  We’ll see you soon!
  1. Opportunity to Volunteer at Camp! Join us! Camp Mennoscah is seeking volunteers to come to camp for the day on Tuesday, December 20 to assist with a number of projects, including the salvage and demolition of “The Whale” playground and the old boys’ bathhouse. “The Whale” playground has become an iconic feature at Camp Mennoscah since it was completed in the mid 90’s. It has served camp well, but with repairs needed and updates to construction material codes, “The Whale” has reached the end of its lifetime. While we are disappointed to see it go, we are excitedly planning the new structure to come. The boys’ bathhouse has also served camp well for many years, but with the completion of the new bathhouse, the old bathhouse will be taken down. We will also be working on a few other projects we wish to complete by the end of the year. Please contact camp at 620-297-3290 or office@campmennoscah.org by Wednesday December 14 if you are interested in helping with these projects!
  2. The Winter Issue of the Ninnescah News is available! If you have not received an email or paper copy of Camp Mennoscah’s newsletter, contact us at 620-297-3014.  We’ll add you to our list and get you a copy.

Mennonite Church Announcements

  1. Coming this summer: MennoTalks! A new feature for the Mennonite Church USA Convention 2017, the talks will feature 20 slides for 20 seconds each in a fast-paced presentation on topics such as “Celebrating Women,” “Race, Religion and Justice” and “Global and Local Peacemaking.”  Come to Orlando July 4-7 to experience this and much more.  For additional information, visit:  http://convention.mennoniteusa.org/mennotalks/.
  1. College Internship Opportunity with Mennonite Church USA: The Mennonite Church USA Communications team is looking for interns!  Beginning in January and culminating in July 2017 at Mennonite Church USA Convention in Orlando, these internships will include positions for writers, editors, photographers, social media, and graphic design.  Internships will be paid and prioritize students of color.  Interested students should contact janiebk@mennoniteusa.org for more information.

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