August 25, 2015

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*Building Cash Reserves for Churches


Building Cash Reserves for Churches
(This excerpt was adapted from an article by Michael Batts for Church Finance Today.)

While some churches do not maintain cash reserves as a philosophy, many congregations feel it is appropriate to maintain a church cash reserve to retain a healthy financial position. For churches with outstanding debt, healthy cash reserves are essential. Any number of unexpected developments from a sudden downturn in the economy to a well-respected leader leaving the church can occur that could present cash flow challenges to a church. Part of effective stewardship involves having a viable and stable ministry. If church leaders are frequently focused on addressing cash flow challenges or related concerns, they will focus less on their ministry objectives.

Improving a church’s liquidity and cash reserves requires intentional effort as an essential part of the planning and budgeting process. The church should set what it considers to be appropriate cash reserves, usually between 3 and 6 months of operating expense plus current liabilities. For churches with mortgages or other long-term debt, six to twelve month debt service costs should be the goal. The process of reaching these targets may take a number of years. Once the financial position targets are defined, the church should establish what it considers to be a reasonable time-frame for achieving the objectives. This effort must include planning to spend less than what the church receives in cash revenues.

Healthy cash reserves and debt service reserves are an important part of responsible church stewardship. It is up to church leaders to establish appropriate targets and develop a viable plan to achieve these targets.

WDC Announcements

  1. Information about the upcoming WDC Annual Assembly will be sent to churches and posted online (www.mennowdc.org/annual-assembly/) next week.  Watch for it!
  1. MENNOGRASS: Everyone is invited to come enjoy a free dinner and bluegrass music at Tabor Mennonite Church’s annual MENNOGRASS concert. Bring your blankets, lawn chairs, and table service and join us for burgers and brats. Music will be provided by The Bethesda Band, Jammin’ Biscuits, and Everyday Lights. This will be held at the Tabor Mennonite Church Park (891 N Chisholm Trail, Newton, KS) on August 30 from 6 – 8:30pm.
  1. Double Whammie!  Camp Mennoscah is having a combo event on Sept. 20–it’s our annual meeting and the beginning of Work & Play Camp!  Starting at 3pm, we’ll be saying hi and checking in all the Work & Play folks and then at 3:30pm, all the pre-annual meeting activities will start.  There will be disc golf (brand new course & baskets), new bath house tours (not quite completed), and a scavenger hunt.  Next up is a brief business meeting plus a simple meal and gobs of chat time.  Work & Play continues through Sept. 23 with projects, cleanup, and fun times.  Call Camp Mennoscah for more information.  No camp fees!  (Meal donation of $4/meal suggested.

Mennonite Church Announcements
Preaching Seminar:  AMBS-Kansas Center will be hosting a Preaching Seminar led by Allan Rudy-Froese entitled “Preaching as Testimony.” It will be held November 13-14 and February 26, 2016 on the Bethel College Campus in North Newton, KS. This three-day seminar is for all who are interested in learning more about the power of testimony in preaching.  Registration and more information are available at: https://www.ambs.edu/churchleadershipcenter/Preaching-Seminar.cfm. Early Registration deadline is October 23.

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