April 7, 2015

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WDC Announcements

  1. For those who registered, remember that the WDC Reference Council is this Saturday, April 11, from 9 am – 2 pm at Hope Mennonite Church, 868 North Maize Rd, in Wichita. Lunch will be provided, with donations accepted.
  1. In last week’s WDC Sprouts, an incorrect link was provided to listen to Ervin Stutzman’s presentation from March 27 to delegates to the Mennonite Church USA Kansas City 2015 convention.  Here is the correct link:  mennowdc.org/annual-assembly/.  It is also highlighted in the revolving pictures on the mennowdc.org home page.
  1. Did you know that Western District Conference (Mennonite Church USA) is on Facebook?  Be sure to “like” us, and get all the good information posted there!
  1. WDC is sponsoring an Anabaptist Faith Formation Launch June 12-13 on the Bethel College campus in North Newton, KS.  The launch will include times for worship and four breakout sessions, where 14 different workshops will be offered. More info and online registration at: https://mennowdc.org/anabaptist-faith-formation-launch/.
  1. Tap a shoulder!  Camp Mennoscah is looking for applicants for the following summer staff positions:  lifeguard, nature, and crafts.  These are leadership positions with a weekly stipend and room & board.  The application form can be found at www.campmennoscah.org under Resources.  The people who hold these positions are vital to our camping ministry and have the opportunity to make a great impact on the lives of campers and other staff.  It’s an amazing and fun way to spend a summer!
  1. Head cooks, kitchen helpers, and nurses are needed for Camp Mennoscah’s summer youth camps!  The weeks we still need wonderful and incredible people vary, depending on the position.  Contact us at 620-297-3290 for more information or email olivia.bartel@campmennoscah.org.  Can’t make it?  Suggest being part of the Camp Mennoscah crew to someone else!  (Don’t forget to mention the free camp tee shirt!)
  1. Retirees Retreat on April 27-29–There are still spaces available at Camp Mennoscah’s Retirees Retreat.  We’re revisiting Ukraine with speakers Justina Neufeld, Keith Sprunger, and Karen McCabe-Juhnke, to name a few.  There will also be time to enjoy the camp grounds and share conversation over coffee/tea.  Contact us at 620-297-3290 to join the fun!
  1. Wrong Date–The Camp Mennoscah annual meeting date found in the 2015 catalog is not correct and, in fact, we don’t even know what the date will be.  (We have no idea where the listed date came from.)  So, pull out your black Sharpie markers and cross out that information.  Thank you to all of you who already put the annual meeting on your calendars–we promise to let you know when we actually have a date for the meeting!

Mennonite Church Announcements

  1. Are you planning on attending Mennonite World Conference’s Assembly July 21-26 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania?  Then share your photo and you might be featured on an upcoming bookmark!  Find out more or print past bookmarks for members of your congregation at mwc-cmm.org/pa2015.
  1. Come join with doctors, nurses, dieticians, therapists, chaplains, mental health workers, and many other healthcare workers and their families from around the world!  It’s the Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship (MHF) Annual Gathering, July 19-21, immediately prior to Mennonite World Conference Global Assembly in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The theme is “Walking Together for Healthy Communities.”  Plenary presenters include Ted & Company, Shane Claiborne, and Dr. Ann Thyle from India.  Grants available for students, volunteers, and those from outside of U.S. and Canada.  For more information, go to www.mennohealth/gathering, email info@mennohealth.org, or call toll-free to 1-888-406-3643. Early registration deadline: April 15.  Final registration deadline: June 28.

Western District Conference

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