April 23, 2019

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*Being Stewards of our Time


Being Stewards of our Time

by Beth Yoder, WDC Business Manager

As the weather has been getting nicer, we have been spending more time outside. Our two year old son would spend all day outside if he could! It’s typically his first request when he wakes up and he is still requesting it as we go through bedtime routine at night. His vocabulary is also growing by leaps and bounds as he identifies the world around him. He notices all the birds and will even try to run up to them to touch them. They, of course, fly away before he gets close to them and most of the time he will just run on to the next one.

As our son grows and we continue to navigate keeping up with life, we talk about wanting to live simply, both in relation to material items as well as time. As I think about how we use our time, I wonder, are we chasing after “birds” we will never catch?

You may expect a blurb from the Business Manager to be about stewardship of money, but there are many resources on earth we are called to be good stewards of and time is one of them. I recently watched the Rob Bell NOOMA video “Shells” focusing on time and read the book Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung (both can be found in the Western District Conference Resource Library). There are too many points for contemplation to list here, but here are a few points I found helpful:

  • Remember that Jesus didn’t do it all. He stuck to his purpose and knew he had to set his boundaries, which meant saying no sometimes. He also made time for quiet reflection.
  • Maybe we struggle with being busy because we think it shouldn’t be a struggle– we don’t expect it to be a cross we will bear. If we love others and are serving God, we will be tired and busy at times (that doesn’t mean we don’t also need to practice self-care). God can use our weaknesses and can carry us through.
  • No one can determine what we should say no to for us, but we need to start by determining what we say yes to before we know what to say no to. We may need to say no to things that are “good.”
  • As Christians, we need to make time to sit at the feet of Jesus. It will focus our hearts and minds and give us perspective as we go through the day. Mary was an example of this in Luke 10. Many times we want to be Martha, but it is important to sit at the feet of Jesus even when it feels like there is much to do.

Time management has been a challenge for me throughout life and I’m sure the challenge will evolve through different seasons of life. For now, I will continue to ponder these thoughts, take time to watch my son innocently chase after birds with pure excitement, and make time to sit at the feet of Jesus.

WDC announcements

Leadership Lunches continue on the fourth Thursday of each month. These lunch discussions are based on Kansas Leadership Center (KLC) principles, competencies, and behaviors, but please come even if you haven’t attended a KLC training. Case studies will be used to guide our time together. Come join us on Thursday, April 25 at the WDC offices from 12-1:30pm (bring your own lunch).  We will apply leadership concepts to a case-study growing out of the recent retreat on pastoral responses to climate change.  If you want to join via Zoom video conference, let us know (wdc@mennowdc.org), and you will be sent a link. We hope to see you there!

Camp Mennoscah announcements

  1. We’re looking for you!  Camp Mennoscah is peeking around corners and checking our mail to find nurses for our camp weeks of June 9-15 and June 23-29 and kitchen staff for June 23-29.  We also have a few single openings for kitchen staff on some weeks.  Nurses can receive a stipend or a camper discount.  Kitchen staff can receive a camper discount up to full fees.  Free tee shirts for all nurses and kitchen staffers!  Emailolivia.bartel@campmennoscah.orgor call 620-297-3290.  Willing hearts and happy hands are all that are needed!
  1. Work & Play Camp at Camp Mennoscah Renewed!  With small numbers for our September Work & Play Camp these past few years, we’re trying something new.  The service project camp is now 4 Saturdays throughout the year–April 27, May 25, September 14, and one in October.  Days will run from 8:30am-2:30pm, leaving you 4 hours at the end of the day to enjoy the wonders of camp (or complete more projects or head home).  Service projects are available for many skills and abilities.  A simple lunch will be provided.  These weekends are for all ages; under 18 need to be accompanied by an adult.  Please let us know you are coming–we’ll add you to the meal count!  Call us at 620-297-3290 or email office@campmennoscah.org.
  1. Summer Youth Camps at Camp Mennoscah still have openings!  Gather your friends and tell them about the great things we do–campfire, river play, crafts, singing, nature, friendship bracelets, and more fun stuff!  Camp is the sort of thing to share with everyone.  Our summer theme is Peace Works: Empowering Peacemakers.  Register online at campmennoscah.org!

Mennonite church announcements

Looking for a way to save some money while you attend MCUSA Convention in Kansas City this summer? Do you like working with children in an upbeat environment? The Children’s Program for MCUSA Convention held in Kansas City, MO July 1-6, is looking for eager volunteers to spend part of their convention time volunteering with children 5th grade and under. We need people willing to work with elementary aged children, toddlers and infants, or willing to lead interest stations. Both associate and part-time volunteers are still needed. If you are interested in any of these lovely opportunities, please email Renee Reimer at: ReneeEReimer@gmail.com with your interest.

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