March 12, 2014

Prayer and Visioning Retreat at Tabor Mennonite Church
On January 10-11, Taborite leaders gathered for a Prayer and Visioning Retreat held at our church.
On Friday evening, we ate, prayed, and looked back on the past year to see how God has been at work in our midst throughout this past year, especially with relation to our church vision of extending God’s hospitality, healing and hope. It was fun to share many “God Sightings” from the past year. On Saturday morning, we ate some more, prayed some more, and looked ahead to brainstorm ideas for how we might join God at work in this new year. We brainstormed many creative ideas. After the retreat, I challenged each of our church commissions to take relevant items from the brainstorm list and design ministry goals as a way to keep the energy of the retreat alive throughout the entire year. At church council meetings throughout the year, we plan to check in on how commissions are progressing toward their goals.
Through retreat, goal-setting, and accountability, we at Tabor are seeking to be faithful to our vision of extending God’s hospitality, healing, and hope.

     –submitted by Phil Schmidt, Pastor (620-367-2318, pschmidt@tabormennonite.org)
Tabor Mennonite Church, Newton, KS

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