January 28, 2015

Congregation uses Loaves and Fishes Grant in Youth Ministries program

We are deeply grateful for the Loaves and Fishes* grant of $500 you awarded our congregation to help cover the cost of food at the K-4 Moundridge Youth Ministries (MYM) program we host at West Zion.  This year, we have seen an average attendance of 70-80 children with around 20 helpers and teachers.  Children learn about Christ in a safe environment, and we serve them a hearty meal.  Volunteers from many different congregations make this ministry possible.  The Christmas program was a particular highlight.  Our sanctuary was full of parents coming to see their children perform songs about Jesus’ birth.  I gave a simple, relevant presentation of the Gospel message (Jesus was born among us because he loves us!).  Afterward, we mingled with parents and kids downstairs while enjoying pizza together.  In our rapidly post-Christianizing culture, Christmas is still one holy-day that people get.

     –submitted by Pastor Brad Roth (bradroth@westzionmc.org; 620-345-8143)

          West Zion Mennonite Church, Moundridge, KS 

*T​he Western District Resource Commission is offering a $500 Loaves and Fishes Grant to WDC congregations who are seeking to multiply God’s grace in their communities. This Loaves and Fishes Grant is made possible through Vision 2012 funds and will be available from September 1, 2014 – September 1, 2015.  The hope is that this grant will empower congregations to reach out in love and build relationships with the surrounding community. A maximum of 20 grants will be awarded. ​Application form available at:  https://mennowdc.org/grants/

WDC SEEDS is a weekly communication for WDC churches announcing what’s new and good in Western District Conference. Please forward this to congregational members.  Pastors are invited to submit one paragraph summaries of kingdom initiatives that will encourage the networking of best practices across Western District Conference. WDC Seeds is also available at:  www.mennowdc.org.
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