Staff Gather for Annual Retreat

Western District Conference Staff gathered for their annual 24-hour retreat at Camp Mennoscah, November 12 and 13. We welcomed Marlene Bogard, Minister of Christian Formation, back from her time of sabbatical. We brainstormed ideas around her developing plans for a Year of the Bible for Western District churches. We anticipate launching this initiative at Assembly 2013, August 1-3. We worked with new communication possibilities, church planting developments, and biblical/communal discernment understandings. Dwelling in the Word times utilized texts in Scripture that name trees including Psalm 148, Isaiah 11 and 55, Jeremiah 17, and Luke 19.

WDC Staff left to right:  Gilberto Flores, Phyllis Regier, Marlene Bogard, Clarence Rempel, Nancy Funk