March 5, 2013

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*Pick My Brain


Pick My Brain:  Hands-on Faith Formation!

     by Marlene Bogard, Minister of Christian Formation

I pass on to you a wonderful list of faith formation ideas and activities, for all ages and Biblically Based, (remember we embarking in a Year of the Bible – see www.yearofthebiblenetwork.org). I subscribe to an email list that is generated from: vibrantfaithathome.org

For each holiday and event listed, there is a short video to watch, and then a fully detailed plan for how you might help understand and celebrate the various special days.  Some will feel a bit more “Lutheran” as the creators are predominantly of that denomination, but almost all of it is immediately usable and appropriate for Mennonite / Anabaptist faith groups.  Enjoy!

St. Patrick’s Day (March 17)

The Real Patrick – Saint Patrick means more than wearing green.

Lent (until March 30)

Giving It Up – Why give up something for Lent?

Lord, Hear My Cry – Even in fear-filled moments, God is present.

Lenten Candles – Mark the days of Lent with a candle ritual.

Purpling Your Home – What color are your days of Lent?

A Lenten Wilderness – Discover strength to meet your wilderness temptations.

Holy Week/Easter (March 24 – 31)

Learning About the Passover Seder – Learn about the Jewish festival of Passo – ver.

Easter Egg Exchange – Make Easter Egg dying a family faith experience.

Resurrection Faith & Doubt  – Jesus is risen, but not everyone believes it.

Holy Week Ups & Downs – How could people turn on Jesus so quickly?

Easter Traditions for Teens – Create new Easter rituals for teens.

Open-Egged Questions – Serious, fun, or tasty? Open one to find out.

Easter Season (April 1 – May 19)

Come, Eat Breakfast – Make placemats the celebrate the risen Jesus.

Alleluia Chain – Connecting Easter joys.

Earth Day (April 22)

Earth Day Service – Plant flowers to lift others’ spirits.

Mother’s Day (May 5)

Mother’s Day Prayers – Pray for moms in creative ways.

Honoring Life Givers – Make a mark for those who’ve marked you.

WDC Announcements

1.  Camp Mennoscah, a Christian camp in Murdock, KS, seeks full-time Campus and Facilities Director.  High School or GED plus experience in general maintenance and repair required, including knowledge of electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and vehicles.  Salary based on experience.  Submit letter of interest and resume to Olivia Bartel, campmno@mennowdc.org, 620-297-3290, no later than April 1, 2013.

2.  Whoop-dee-do!  Summer’s coming soon!  Hey, folks, we’re still accepting summer staff applications for Camp Mennoscah’s 2013 summer staff.  It’s a great way to have fun, sweat a little, and be part of an important ministry to youth and folks of all ages.  Application forms and information can be found at www.campmennoscah.org under Resources.  Only available for a week or two?  Try counseling!  Give us a call at 620-297-3290.

3.  Don’t be a martyr!  We know that there are many of you who are desperate to come to Camp Mennoscah as a nurse or a kitchen helper but don’t want to take someone else’s spot.  Well, we say you should grab your camp week now.  We need your help and you need that free camp tee shirt.  Contact Camp Mennoscah at campmno@mennowdc.org or 620-297-3290 for information about available weeks and to win a spot on our camp team!

4.  All the coolest people will be there!  The Mennonite Camping Association West-Midwest regional gathering will be at Camp Mennoscah, March 18-20.  We’ll accept registrations until we’re full to the gills, so give us a holler and let us know that you’re coming.  Patty Shelly, Kevin Wilder, and Kent Miller will speak.  Find the brochure at www.campmennoscah under Retreats.  You’ll want to meet all the nifty camp folks–they’re just as much fun as you are!

5.  To Congo and Back!  The Retirees’ Relaxation Retreat, April 22-24, will be spending time in Kansas and the Congo, looking at “A Century of Change.”  This retreat is for retirees of all ages (or even just for interested persons).  Call or email Camp Mennoscah at 620-297-3290 or campmno@mennowdc.org for a brochure.  It’s a trip well worth taking!    (Correction:  Last week’s Sprouts included an announcement about the Retiree’s Relaxation Retreat being March 22-24.  Note that the correct dates are April 22-24.)

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