January 21, 2014

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by Olivia Bartel, Camp Mennoscah Director

Surprises are tricky things.  They can be the most wondrous, bestest things ever or they can be a real kick in the pants.  Camp Mennoscah has been working on our new bath houses for some time now.  It’s taken some effort and patience, and we’ve had our share of surprises.

Some were minor, yet thrilling.  It was a bit startling to discover how quickly we moved from talking about new bath houses to deciding to build them to having actual plans in our very excited hands.  Other surprises were not quite as fun.  Water pressure for the increased number of showers and sinks and toilets?  Surprise—not sufficient.  Are the construction materials “volunteer-friendly?”  Surprise—probably not as much as we’d like.  When will we be able to build?  Surprise—there’s a limited amount of time when folks aren’t using the area where we want to build.  Okay, so that one wasn’t so much of a surprise.  We knew that our schedule was pretty full with all you folks visiting us.  But we’ll count it as a frustration.  Fortunately, solutions, or possible resolutions, have been found for many of our surprises.

This is all to say that we’re still working on those snazzy new bath houses.  We think we’re getting closer to actually start building them, but we don’t want to discount all those yet unknown discoveries still in store for us.  We know we said that they would be ready for the 2014 camping season—which truly would be a wondrous, bestest surprise.  In any case, we want you to know that we thank you for your patience (even if you’re as impatient as we are about getting them built) and that we’re forging ahead with as much speed as possible.  But carefully and considerately.  So we do it right.

WDC Announcements

1.  Western District Conference Assembly 2014 will meet in Waxahachie, Texas, July 4-6, celebrating our Year of the Bible and focusing on church planting. Resolutions must be submitted by March 3 to the Executive Board. See the full description of resolution policy at https://mennowdc.org/conference-life/annual-assembly/.
2.  The Western District Conference Resource Library is now open the first Saturday of each month from 10 am to noon.  Stop by to browse, drink coffee, enjoy story-time for the children at 10:30.  See you on February 1 at 2517 N. Main, North Newton, KS.

3.  All Pastor Mentors and Mentees are invited to a two-hour resourcing event introducing a guide for engaging the six pastoral competencies, “Growing in Ministry Journey.”  You can choose either Thursday, March 13, 3 pm or Thursday, April 10 (note date change), 8:30 am.  Register your attendance with Nancy Funk (wdc@mennowdc.org, 316-283-6300).

4.  A Year of the Bible opportunity:  John D. Roth, professor of history at Goshen College, will be teaching and preaching at First Menonite Church, Newton, on February 1 (10 am) and 2 (9:15 and 10:30 am).  On Saturday, February 1, there will be teaching and discussion of “Testing the Spirits:  Why the Reformation Debate over the Bible Still Matters Today.”  A brunch will be provided.  On Sunday morning, Roth will preach a sermon entitled, “By Whose Authority?  Witnessing to the Living Word in a Skeptical World.”  You are invited to either session or both.  (If you will attend the brunch, please RSVP by January 29 to the church so we know how to plan – 316-283-0273)

5. Eden Mennonite Church, Moundridge, KS to host Peace Sunday speaker:  On February 2, Sister Helen Prejean will speak on “Dead Man Walking-The Journey Continues” at 9:30 a.m.  The event is part of the congregation’s annual Peace Sunday. Guests are invited to come for worship and stay for a noon meal. After the meal, Elizabeth Schrag, a high school senior, will read her peace essay.  Eden Mennonite Church is at 401 18th Ave., rural Moundridge. It is four miles west and two miles north of Moundridge and at the corner of 18th and Cherokee.  For information about Peace Sunday, phone the church office at (620) 345-8320.
MC USA Announcements

1.  Summer Staff Needed!  Camp Mennoscah is currently accepting applications for the summer staff positions of office, crafts, lifeguard, nature, music, and grounds/maintenance.  Information and forms can be found at www.campmennoscah.org under Resources.  We’ll also be recruiting at Hesston, Tabor, and Bethel College on February 10-12 respectively.  It’s going to be a rousing, rootin’-tootin’ summer!

2.  Your mailbox will soon be full!  It might be an exaggeration to say “full,” but by the end of this month, the 2014 Camp Mennoscah catalogs will be in the mail.  Catalogs are sent to camp friends and former campers first and then in a week or two, catalogs will be sent to churches.  New this year–pay online!  (We’re still working out the details, but something will be in place by Feb. 1).

3.  Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary Upcoming events:

Pastors Week, Jan. 27-30

Lent Planning webinar, February 11, 7:30 p.m.

Seminary Preview Days

February 21, March 14, April 25

Anabaptist Short Course:  La Historia y Teologia Anabautista
12 de febrero-25 de marzo
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