October 30, 2013


 After 25 years of worshiping in a variety of rented spaces, Salina Mennonite Church purchased a building in 2004.  The size and ambiance of the building fit us well.  However, stairs-only access to the basement gradually precluded a growing number of persons from attending our monthly Third Sunday Potlucks as well as other activities held in the basement.

Last year we began talking in earnest about remodeling our building so everyone would have access to the basement.  We dreamed, looked at drawings, and discussed our preferences throughout 2013.  At a congregational meeting on September 15, we decided the cost of our dream project was too high to pursue at this time.  And then one person suggested, “If we moved the youth area and the ping pong table to the basement, wouldn’t that create a big enough space to have our potlucks on the main floor?”  A second person noted, “Today is potluck Sunday.  Let’s try it out right now!”

We moved furniture aside, pushed back a movable room divider, and carried tables and chairs up from the basement.  We formed a “bucket brigade” to transport crock pots, food, and table service up the back stairway to our newly created fellowship space.  Soon we were eating a delicious meal together, joined by someone who hadn’t been able to attend a potluck for several years.

Since then we have moved couches, chairs, and a ping pong table to the basement and have rearranged some office furniture to create a fellowship space on the main floor.  Our next project may be to install a sink and some cupboards in that area.

–submitted by Christina Litwiller, Pastor, 785-825-2663, salinamennonite@sbcglobal.net     Salina Mennonite Church, Salina, KS

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