November 20, 2013

Life Journal

In 2012 a few members of the Kingman Mennonite Church began a different approach to reading the Holy Scriptures and daily devotional time. Using the “Life Journal”, participants are given a reading guide that navigates individuals through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice through the year.  The Life Journal consists of a reading guide in the front followed by many blank pages ready to be completed by the student of the word.

The journaling format follows an acronym S.O.A.P. In the first step Scripture and the verse is written out in the journal that speaks to us as we spend time in the scriptures.  Observation is the second part of the journal entry with the participant writing down observations about the verse. The third step is to write out the Application of the verse, how does what I read today change my life. The final step is to write out a brief Prayer. Through the prayer, we seek God’s strength to bring forth a transformation in our lives.

We did not want to keep this resource a secret and the Life Journal was shared with other churches in the Kingman area.  The Covenant Assembly of God received this resource with receptive hearts and was able to implement this reading and devotional program into the life of the congregation.  Pastor Bryan, Covenant Assembly of God, has challenged us to reintroduce this reading plan to the local churches again in hopes that more churches in the Kingman community will embrace this resource.

We are excited to see how individuals in the church are able to discuss the scriptures in a new way as several are reading the same scriptures on the same day.

If you would like to know more information about the Life Journal, please check out the website www.lifejournal.cc

     –submitted by Pastor David Roth, 620-532-5990; droth95@sbcglobal.net

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