June 4, 2014

Alexanderwohl Reflects on The Bible in 90 Days Experience

During the months of February through April, our church embarked on The Bible in 90 Days experience.  Approximately 120 adults, including four high school students, attended the classes on Sunday mornings.  At least 60 people completed the reading of the entire Bible. (This includes several who listened, rather than read, the entire Bible.)  Five people read the Old Testament and a significant portion of the New Testament.  At least one person read the New Testament and three others read portions of the Old and New Testaments.

Here are some of the reflections people gave on their experience of reading the Bible in 90 Days….

  • It helped me focus on the Lord more fervently and observe the nature of God in different ways.
  • It was very helpful to read the entire Bible, cover to cover, in a short time.  I feel I have a much better understanding of time lines and context.  This is very helpful in my daily devotions and my attempts to follow Christ.
  • I had conversations with people about the Bible that I’d never had before.  To do something with the whole church was a unifying experience.

We celebrated the culmination of our experience with a “Biblical Feast” in the fellowship hall on Sunday, April 27.   The menu was Solomon’s chicken, barley stuffing, pita bread with humus or honey butter, cucumber/leek salad with dill, fruit plate with grapes, figs and dates, and “scripture cake.”

     –submitted by Linda Ewert, Associate Pastor of Christian Formation & Pastoral Care

          Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church, Goessel,KS

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