July 17, 2013

Jump Start

First Mennonite Church, Halstead, KS, is currently holding a summer school program that we are calling Jump Start.  This idea came to be when it was found out that the Halstead school district does not have summer school for their students.  First Mennonite wanted to do something to help and thought that this would be a great opportunity for outreach into the community with families and children.

The Jump Start Program consists of two weeks of help and catch-up for the subjects of Reading and Math.  We are currently in the week of Reading where we have 30 children split up into grades in Sunday School rooms to work on vocabulary, grammar, phonics, sight words and so on.  First Mennonite has been blessed with many current and retired teachers that have given time and resources to allow this program to happen.  Many volunteers, young and old, have rotated from room to room to pull children out to read books with this week.  Next week the Math week will start and it is so exciting to see that every child who signed up for the Reading week will also be at First Mennonite for the Math week.

We hope that this outreach into the Halstead Community can bring Christ to many people and allow our congregation to be a strong presence in families lives.  A lot of the children attending this two-week program live in the low income apartments and come from single parent homes.  Pray that we may minister and have an impact with Christ’s love on these families.

  –submitted by Peter Wintermote, Minister of Congregational Outreach,  pete_mote@hotmail.com, First Mennonite Church, Halstead, KS

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