“I’ve always loved to read!” remarked Jeanette Roberts, Interim Resource Librarian at the Conference Resource Library. “Don’t tell Mom, but as a child, I’d hide to get a few more pages read before I had to get back to chores.” It’s no wonder, then, that Roberts became a teacher/librarian and continues to read materials of all types.

Currently, Roberts teaches technology and media classes for the Newton schools at St. Mary Catholic School. She has taught library, English, drama, debate and speech in other districts as well, including Moundridge, Goessel, Canton and Haysville.

“Marlene Bogard developed an exceptional conference collection with resources for pastors and other church leaders, families and teachers. There’s no way to fill Marlene’s shoes, but it’s a joy to work at the Resource Library. I’m at the library on Thursday from 8-5. Let us know what you need by calling 316-283-6300 or emailing crlib@mennowdc.org anytime.”

Roberts lives in North Newton with her husband, Chet Roberts, and attends Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church, Goessel, Kan.