By Jennie Wintermote, Resource Library Director, with Sandra Montes-Martinez, Administrative Assistant (Texas)

With an increasing number of Spanish-speaking WDC congregations (mostly) located in Texas, many with bi-vocational pastors and church planters, we recognize that accessing the books, DVDs, curriculum, and other resources in the Conference Resource Library (located in North Newton, KS) can be a significant challenge.  In order to meet this need, in March, a Texas branch of the Resource Library will open to serve Spanish-speaking leaders.  Located at Iglesia Menonita Monte Horeb in Dallas, the library collection will focus on resources for pastors, church planters, and other leaders.  Materials will include curriculum, books, and more.  WDC Administrative Assistant (Texas-based), Sandra Montes-Martinez will facilitate check-in/check-out and bring resources to leader’s trainings and gatherings of Hispanic churches for individuals to borrow.  The Texas Branch will be open for business following the March 9-10 Hispanic Pastors’ Retreat in Texas.  The current Spanish/bilingual collection will be maintained in North Newton for local Spanish-speaking congregations, and as always, all materials from the North Newton location are available to anyone in WDC via mail.  We praise God for this new project and this new way the Conference Resource Library can fulfill WDC’s core tasks of sustaining transformational pastors and church planters as well as resourcing healthy, missional churches.