Pick My Brain – Top Children’s Books!  

January 8, 2013

     by Marlene Bogard, Minister of Christian Formation and Resource Library Director

*Our children’s library is top-notch!  A kind of “hidden treasure” here on the

prairie.  Most folks who come in to our library for the first time, say, “Oh Wow!”   Each

title is selected with care, with you and the children of your congregation in

mind.  Librarians get to “curate” their collection.  This means that for every book I select,

most likely 200+ don’t get selected.  I choose carefully, and believe most of our titles

support themes of Christian faith, nurture, peacemaking, friendship, personal growth,

appreciation for God’s world, etc.

*Top requests are for “that perfect book to use as a children’s story in

worship.”  That’s why the January 2013 issue of Check It Out from the Western District

Resource Library is among our most popular.  Children’s Books for Telling in Church

features 17 fantastic children’s picture books, ideal for use in worship or classroom or

home enrichment.  Each title supports themes of Anabaptist theology and Christian faith

formation such as forgiveness, wisdom, reconciliation, prayer as well as some

contemporary issues of immigration, family time, environment.  See this issue

at:  https://mennowdc.org/library/check-it-out/

*How about a Baker’s Dozen?  This is a NEW Service we are offering in our Bulk

Loan program. Call or email to reserve a shipment of 13 top quality children’s books to

you and your congregation for a Two-month loan.  Worship planners and storytellers

can use them as a children’s feature; Sunday School teachers can use them for

classroom time; children and parents can use them at home or in the car.  We will

continue to offer the Box of Books Loan program, which includes 25 books for all

ages.  Call or email to sign up for either one of these services.

*But we don’t want to be the Hidden Treasure on the prairie!  That’s why we want to

amp up our services and increase our usage.  An Open House is scheduled for

Sunday, Jan. 27.  We are also happy to schedule a Night at the Library for any small

group, women’s group, family group that wants a couple of hours here to browse, read,

get resources.  Bring your own food and make it an evening.  I am happy to do book

talks, resourcing, scavenger hunt or help you in “guided exploration.”

*Help at your fingertips:  our on-line catalog is available to you 24/7.  Search,

reserve books, renew your stuff, explore. Go:  www.mennowdc.org/library/catalog/