Pick My Brain – Lot’s-O-DVD’s

     by Marlene Bogard, Minister of Christian Formation

Here is a sampling of the brand-new DVD’s that are now available for you and your congregation!

The Bible’ Buried Secrets (NOVA/PBS), 112 minutes.  Dig deep into the origins of the Old Testament as this archeological detective story tackles some of the biggest questions in biblical studies.

How the Bible Came to Be (Gospel Communications), 55 minutes.  A carefully documents presentation of the origins of both the Old and New Testaments, with photography from the Holy Land.

Jerusalem: Center of the World (PBS), 120 minutes.  Covers a sweeping history of 4000 years, this film explores the founding of this city, the birth and convergence of the world’s three monotheistic religions.

The Jewish People: a story of survival ((PBS), 60 minutes.  From slavery to loss of homeland; from exile to Holocaust, how do they endure?

The Christian Traveler (Reader’s Digest), 11 hours.  This collection features some of of the “must see” sites of Jesus’ times and the journeys of Paul. Disc’s include:  The Gates of Jerusalem; Journey through the Bible Lands; The Exodus Revealed; Where Jesus Walked; Helena, First Pilgrim to the Holy Land and The Apostle Paul.

From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians (Frontline/ PBS)240 minutes. Tells the epic story of the rise of Christianity. Explore the life and death of Jesus, and the men and women whose belief, conviction, and martyrdom created the religion we now know as Christianity.

God in America: how religious liberty shaped America. (American Experience / PBS), 6 hours on three discs.

The Amish: Shunned. (American Experience / PBS) 120 minutes.  Follows seven former members of the Amish community as they reflect on their decisions to leave their tightly knit communities.

All of these would be excellent for Small group, Sunday School, Mid-week as well as home viewing.  Call or email to reserve!  316-283-6300 / crlib@mennowdc.org