Pick My Brain – Eating the Burning Bush

     by Marlene Bogard, Minister of Christian Formation and Resource Library Director

I can’t get this image out of my mind: Broccoli with French Dressing on top representing the Burning Bush.  What fun, what creativity, what inspiration, what a way to make a memory!

This healthy, edible, colorful burning bush is one of many snacks that are provided after worship at Tabor Mennonite Church in rural Newton, KS, as the congregation marches through their Year of the Bible experience.  Each week Lois Voth provides snacks that match up with the preaching themes.  Old and young stop by on their way to Sunday School and Formation Stations and munch.

Here’s the menu so far:

  • Overview / Kickoff:  Crackers and Grapes (body and blood)
  • A Land Flowing with Milk and Honey: Teddy Grahams
  • Creation:  Animal crackers and Foil-wrapped chocolate balls that look like the earth
  • The Fall / the Garden:  Apple slices
  • Patriarchs / Matriarchs / Sacrifices:  Pretzels
  • Exodus / Burning Bush:  Broccoli with Dorothy Lynch dressing (or french dressing)
  • Covenant at Mt Sinai / 10 Commandments : Trail Mix for the journey
  • Covenant Worship/ Being “Holy”:  Swiss Cheese with tortilla chips
  • Sweet Manna: Oyster crackers with honey glaze and water out of a rock (a cooler with spigot, disguised as a rock).
  • Spies to Canaan:  Pomegranates, grapes and figs brought back from the promised land

This list, along with pictures will be posted on the yearofthebiblenetwork.org site under the New tab later this week.

It’s pure delight for me to hear of congregations using a variety of senses to explore the Bible. God gave us our ability to taste, touch, move, hear, see and smell. Engage them fully in worship and learning!

Here are some books available from the Conference Resource Library that will aid you in Tasting the Scriptures:

Delicious Bible Stories: no-cook recipes that teach by Daphna Flegal / Abingdon, 2009.

Tasty Bible stories : a menu of tales & matching recipes by Tami Lehman-Wilzig / Kar-Ben, 2003.

Food at the time of the Bible : from Adam’s apple to the Last Supper by  Miriam Feinberg Vamosh / Abingdon, 2004.