by Jennie Wintermote, Library Director

It’s a new year, and a wonderful opportunity to start something new.  No matter your age, gender, vocation, or any other category, God desires something new for you this year.  Why not take this opportunity to cultivate a practice that helps you draw closer to God?  A practice that helps you live more faithfully and to spread God’s love to your family and community?

What kinds of practices do I have in mind?  A new rhythm of devotions or Bible study, challenging yourself with new ideas relating to community, simple living, or following Christ.  Grab a friend or a group and start a Bible or book study, go through a DVD study together, or try meeting regularly for a meal, prayer, and sharing.

At the Resource Library we have books (for all ages), DVDs and studies for individuals, families, and groups.  I’m also full of ideas and would love to help you find just the right resource to help you grow.

Where is often the easiest place to start something new?  At home.  Try reading a book and discussing it with another member of your family or start a devotional with a spouse or child.

In his book Think Orange: Imagine the impact when church and family collide, author Reggie Joiner shares that the average church has only 40 hours in a given year to impact a child.  On average a parent has 3,000 hours to impact that same child.  Think of all the opportunities parents, grandparents, and other family members have to impact children and youth.  Posted on the library website is a list of some of the great resources we have for parents and other caregivers to start exploring small (and big ways) to have conversations about faith at home.  The list can be found at  (Faith Formation at Home Booklist).  This is only a small sampling of the 391 resources we have on “parenting.”

As parents wait for a child to be born, the world feels full of new opportunities, and they see new beginnings everywhere they look.  As we remember the celebrations of our newborn King in the manger, may we all feel the same optimism and think about the ways we might grow in faith this year.