by Jeanette Roberts, Interim Resource Librarian

Churches are beginning to use the new SHINE Sunday school curriculum, so it’s a good time to think about the people involved with such a large faith formation project and thank them for their inspiration and work.

It also brings to mind a new resource in the WDC Resource Library: ”Miz Regier, Wuz You Crying’? and Other Stories: a collection of “Rosella Wiens Regier Stories” compiled by Harold Regier, Rosella’s husband. In addition to her many other roles, Rosella acted as executive director for the development of new Sunday school curriculum for the conference. The Jubilee curriculum was developed under her tutelage.

Rosella has always been an avid writer and has filled many journals. This book is a selection of Rosella’s writings and journaling through the different seasons of her life.  It includes heartwarming stories from her school teaching days, light-hearted reflections about aging, treasured memories of family members, special experiences as a pastor’s wife, insights about faith and much more.

Those who know Rosella, teachers, pastors and their wives, grandparents, people of faith and many more will find much to enjoy and reflect upon in this compilation of experiences in Rosella’s life. Harold and Rosella Regier reside in North Newton, Kansas.

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