by Carol Duerksen

It was time for a 50th anniversary celebration.  Former youth pastor Corey Miller came back and shared an inspirational message.  A total of eight former and current pastors, members and friends of Trinity were on hand to celebrate.  Food was eaten, tours taken, an anniversary booklet written, mugs created, stories shared, reacquaintances made, and something new was added to the church campus.  May 29 was a very special day at Trinity Mennonite Church in Hillsboro, KS.

“Trinity Mennonite, wonderfully rural, incredibly faithful, beautifully loving… you are faithful sowers of God’s good Word to an aching world,” Miller said in his sermon.  “You continue to listen to and understand God’s Word for the salvation of the world.  You embody the faithful farmer that perseveres, waits patiently for rains, and trusts in God’s provision.  You are the Body of Christ and in this place and at this time, you ARE fulfilling Christ’s commission to make disciples. Together with the Apostle Paul, ‘I am confident that the one who began a good work among you will bring it to completion by the day of Jesus Christ.’”

The day after the 50th anniversary celebration, a whole different group of people came to Trinity—22 children.  They ate food.  They interacted with each other and Trinity folks.  They got free passes to the nearby swimming pool.  They played on the new thing on campus.

Because you see, the congregation of 50 people, most who are well over 50 years old, and none of which have any small children, built a new playground.  They built it for the community children and the children they host every weekday in the summer for a free hot lunch.  They built it in hope and faith.  They built it because they know there is life after 50.