Growing anew:  what God is doing at Camp Mennoscah

By Olivia Bartel, Camp Mennoscah Director

Camp Mennoscah is having a growth spurt.  We’ve recently become our own nonprofit organization. We have a new Board of Directors that is sprouting ideas for improving our programs.  There’s a Master Plan showing plans for growing camp grounds into the future and two new staff positions (full-time maintenance and half-time office assistant) to help take care of all this new growth.

New mattresses and ovens have been acquired.  New and renovated bathhouses are being designed.  New trails for hiking and new ways to use the areas across the river are being planned.  Our Family Camp is back in our schedule and folks are discussing possibilities for new retreats.

It’s exciting.  God is creating a new space in a familiar place.  With each of these things that we are doing at Camp Mennoscah, we want to create a place that people can’t wait to come to.  We want folks to have an experience that opens them to God and community, to nature and rest, to rejuvenation and hope.  These things are possible because God is working through you, your generous gifts, and our faithful volunteers.

In all things, we want to grow anew.  The Camp Mennoscah Master Plan can be seen at  Keep looking for more information on the renovations we are doing.  You can also help grow seeds of faith in the children and youth around you by sending them to one of our summer youth camps.  More information can be found under Camps on the Camp Mennoscah webpage.