by Jennie Wintermote, Conference Resource Library Director

For many, the summer is a time of different rhythms.  For teachers and students, summer brings a break from regular academic work.  For camp staff the warmest months are the busiest months.  For churches there might be a break in Sunday school or a pastor on sabbatical.  For many, there is an awareness of the lengthening of days, or an opportunity to travel or to connect with extended family.

For me, in the Conference Resource Library, the summer brings more children through the library door.  Our summer Story Hour is well attended and the library comes alive with chatter, song and story.  This summer these little ones are learning about the creepy crawlies in God’s creation.  They are learning to look for beauty in these little and sometimes “icky” bugs and other critters that are a part of God’s good creation.

Every week they hear several stories, and this week I had to think, one of the amazing things about reading is the way we can hear new ideas or learn to tell our story in a very non-threatening way.  The kids fall in love with spiders or catepillars (or other critters they might not have liked before) when they hear a story about them.  When we read, we can also hear stories of faithfulness in the midst of sorrow, we can hear stories celebrating love, we can hear stories of those fighting for justice–all stories that can help us engage God and help bring God’s shalom to our broken world.

Whether your summer days are full of new rhythms or marching along as they do the rest of the year, consider pausing and creating space to look for God’s goodness around you.  And if you’re looking for a good book to help continue your search, let me know–I’d love to help.