2020 WDC Annual Assembly Webinars

Missional in the Age of COVID (a.k.a Being Sent People Stuck at Home More)

It may sound like an oxymoron to be missional and in quarantine but COVID has elevated our proximity to our neighborhood. Gather together via Zoom to share practical ways in which we can be the body of Christ in our neighborhoods in a way that was not possible before!  Spanish translation available.

Webinar host:  Jessica Schrock-Ringenberg, Hesston College Director, Center for Anabaptist Leadership and Learning; Grace Tijerina, Pastor, Iglesia Menonita Casa Betania

August 1, 2020 – 1:00 pm Central Time

Growing in Faith Wherever You Are: Boxes, Bundles, or Books Which is Right for You?

Join Library Director, Jennie Wintermote for a peek inside the WDC Resource Library and our 12,000+ resources.  Explore how everyone in every congregation in WDC can access the library, what services the library offers, and how these resources can help you grow in faith during times of distance and times of togetherness.  During the webinar you will have the option to get a library card (if you do not already have one), ask questions, learn how to request materials through the online catalog, and see how we are here to serve you.  And you’ll learn what we mean by “Boxes of Books” and “Book Bundles for Group Study” too.

Webinar host:  Jennie Wintermote, WDC Resource Library Director

August 1, 2020 – 1:00 pm Central Time

Watch recorded webinar here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pr89lJbtPXo&list=PL6aO7e884ZT5d9gHzyrfAucccOFYYd_M5&index=47&t=0s

Real Live Faith

Have youth lost their faith?!  What’s really happening in the spirits of youth when it comes to faith formation?  When and how do they meet God?  What does congregational life mean to them?  What does it mean for youth to follow Jesus today? Asia Frye will host a panel of youth asking these kind of questions and more, getting at the real live faith of our youth in WDC today.  Spanish translation available.

Webinar host:  Asia Frye, Pastor, Mennonite Church of the Servant, Wichita, KS and youth panel

August 1, 2020 – 2:15 pm Central Time

View recorded webinar here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvjLYfiYyGE&list=PL6aO7e884ZT5d9gHzyrfAucccOFYYd_M5&index=48&t=0s

Voices Together

How does Voices Together focus new lenses on being the church together? If our exile experiences shake our foundations and disrupt our sense of home, maybe God is ready to offer us new ways of belonging to one another. Cynthia Neufeld Smith and Bradley Kauffman will share stories, songs and resources from Voices Together, the forthcoming hymnal for Mennonite Church USA and Mennonite Church Canada.

Webinar host:  Bradley Kauffman and Cynthia Neufeld Smith

August 1, 2020 –  2:15 pm Central Time

Conversation with Keynote Speaker, Danny Carroll Rodas

August 1, 2020 – 3:30-4:30 pm Central Time