“Diversity: God’s Design,” a new, multimedia, study from Mennonite Church USA (MC USA) calls young adults to celebrate their unique gifts and the intentional diversity of God’s creation. The four-week curriculum uses biblical reflections to introduce the importance of intercultural competency as part of Christian growth and formation.

“This curriculum will become increasingly relevant in our denomination as we seek to be more diverse and inclusive in sharing the Good News,” said Glen Guyton, executive director of MC USA and speaker, author and advocate for cultural competency. “So often we overlook the capability of our young people in discipling others. The curriculum provides an opportunity for today’s young adults to reflect on how they will shape the future of our denomination,” he added.

“Diversity: God’s Design” features voices from across the Mennonite church who share biblical narratives and personal experiences that invite participants to explore how and why they should join the journey of celebrating diversity. The study is recommended for young adult and intergenerational audiences in faith-based settings, such as churches, Mennonite and other Christian schools, small groups and self-study.

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Watercolor tree with the words "Diversity: God's Design"
Artwork by Lynn Hur