HARRISONBURG, VA —Work has officially begun on the first-ever Anabaptist Bible. During August 26–28, a group of 45 “Bible ambassadors,” diverse people from various Anabaptist communities, met at the Casa Iskali retreat center in Des Plains, Illinois, to kick off the historic project. John Roth, project director of Anabaptism at 500, and Mollee Moua, managing editor, brought the representatives together for “In the Beginning Was the Word: A Working Conference on the Anabaptist Bible.”

Invitations to serve as these “Bible ambassadors” went out to a broad spectrum of Anabaptist groups. Those who responded included members of Mennonite Church Canada, Mennonite Church USA, the Church of the Brethren, Brethren in Christ, Evana, Lancaster Mennonite Conference, and the Bruderhof.

Five hundred Bible study groups are invited to participate in the project and to consider what other components might be included in the Bible. Study groups in Anabaptist faith communities will be assigned portions of scripture and asked to share their insights with the project. Volunteers can register their study groups here.

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