At the national assembly on January 29, Iglesia Menonite Hispana (Hispanic Mennonite Church) elected Josué González of Miami, Florida, as moderator-elect. González is set to graduate this spring from Instituto Bíblico Anabautista, (IBA – Hispanic Anabaptist Bible Institute) which is operated by Mennonite Education Agency. Gonzalez is a founding member and elder of Iglesia Menonita Encuentro de Renovación (Encounter for Renewal Mennonite Church) in Miami, which is part of the Mosaic Mennonite Conference.

Iglesia Menonita Hispana (IMH) is a Racial/Ethnic constituency group of Mennonite Church USA (MC USA) and reaches multicultural Hispanic and Latino/a Mennonites across the country.

González’ four-year term begins immediately. He will serve two years as moderator-elect and two years as moderator. He will also serve on the Constituency Leaders Council (CLC) of MC USA.

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