In August, AMBS is launching a new Practical Leadership Training program to help pastors, lay leaders, community leaders and leaders of nonprofit organizations increase their capacity to provide effective Anabaptist leadership in a variety of settings. The modules grew out of a listening process in which church leaders shared that they needed practical leadership skills to meet challenges resulting from the pandemic, polarization, shifting church commitments and an unpredictable future. In response, AMBS designed a program consisting of modules focusing on four areas: administrationleadershipcontextual engagement and well-being. For more information visit:

If you want a taste of “Practical Leadership Training,” join Luis Tapia Rubio and Michael Danner at WDC Annual Assembly, Saturday, August 12, 3:15-4:15 at Tabor Mennonite Church or online for the introductory workshop, “Healthy Church Board Governing Principles.” It’s a hybrid workshop!  Learn more about WDC Annual Assembly at