AIMM Gathering:  Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission, a partner of Mennonite Mission Network, will host a gathering on Friday, September 8 at 6:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall of First Mennonite Church, 429 East 1st Street in Newton, KS with Co-Executive Coordinators John Fumana from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Bruce Yoder from Ontario, Canada. John Fumana and his wife Lucie are visiting North America for him to share about collaborative ministries of adult literacy, African missionary initiatives, villages savings and loan associations, Bible translation, and agricultural development. His work stresses African resources and expertise in its assets-based approach to building resilient and thriving communities and churches that add their unique voices to the global Anabaptist movement and its witness in the world. John is active in global Anabaptist networks and has served as chair and vice-chair of Mennonite World Conference’s Global Anabaptist Service Network. All are invited to join in welcoming John and Lucie for their first tour of AIMM friends and supporters in North America!