Congregational Ministry in the Face of Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence

April 29, 2017, 8:00 am – 3:30 pm

First Mennonite Church, 52 Rambler Rd, Hutchinson, KS

An educational event for WDC church leaders (chairs, deacons, Christian educators, youth leaders, pastors) to prevent abuse and to encourage healing.  What are best practices and proactive responses when a church member sexually abuses someone in a context outside of the congregation?  No matter where the abuse happens, there are always congregational implications.  Kathy Goering Reid, Executive Director of the Family Abuse Center, Austin, TX, will lead us in considering theological, biblical, legal, and social implications of sexual abuse when the perpetrator is part of our congregation and how we may respond in healthy ways.

Some of the topics to be presented include:

  • Creating a Culture of Safety within WDC congregations: What We’re Currently Doing
  • Dilemma: Truth-Telling and Liable
  • Structures and/or Best Practices that Create A Culture of Safety in our Churches
  • Case Studies: “How would you respond if…”
  • The day will also include times of worship.
  • Refreshments and lunch provided.

Registration fee:  $30 per person OR $100 per congregation

Please register by April 20.

Information sheet that can used as a handout.


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