Committees & Task Forces


Executive Committee

This committee shall consist of the three elected officers plus the conference minister ex officio.  It shall meet as needed to transact such business and offer counsel as may be required for the orderly and timely conduct of WDC agenda.  The Executive Committee shall make decisions concerning projects and assignments authorized by the Executive Board, but in all cases these will be reported to the full Executive Board at its next meeting.


  • (2018) Anita Kehr, Moderator, First Mennonite Church, Newton, KS
  • (2018) Ray Reimer, Moderator-Elect, Zion Mennonite Church, Elbing, KS
  • (2018) Allen Jantz, Secretary, Faith Mennonite Church, Newton, KS

Gifts Discernment Committee

Six members shall be elected by the Delegate Assembly.  The Executive Board shall nominate persons for election to the committee.  Two committee members shall be elected each year at the annual Delegate Assembly.  The Gifts Discernment Committee shall nominate no fewer than one or more than two persons for each elective office to be filled.  Nominations, elections and appointments should be made with sensitivity and balance with regard to the makeup of the conference.  The Gifts Discernment Committee shall present the slate of nominees at the Delegate Assembly.


  • (2017) Brian Stucky, Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church, Goessel, KS
  • (2017) Phyllis Goertzen, Tabor Mennonite Church, Newton, KS
  • (2018) Jane McNair, Houston Mennonite Church, Houston, TX
  • (2018) Ryan Koch, Peace Mennonite Church, Dallas, TX
  • (2019) Roberta Harms, Grace Hill Mennonite Church, Whitewater, KS
  • (2019) Susan Jantzen, First Mennonite Church, Hillsboro, KS

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Historical Committee

Develops policies about items of historical and cultural interest including the collection, preservation, and availability of official records and materials pertaining to the Western District Conference and its congregations via a relationship with Mennonite Library and Archives at Bethel College as the official depository of this material.


  • Roger Juhnke, Bethel College Mennonite Church, North Newton, KS

Staff Relations Committee

Oversees personnel matters and policies in consultation with the conference minister.


  • (2017) Christy Schunn-Sebes, New Creation Fellowship Church, Newton, KS
  • (2018) Stephen Hochstetler, Austin Mennonite Church, Austin, TX (Stewardship Commission liaison)
  • (2018) Sondra Bandy Koontz, Bethel College Mennonite Church, North Newton, KS
  • (2019) OPEN position

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Youth Ministry Committee

Envisions and implements area conference youth ministries which engage congregations in reaching, resourcing, and reviving youth for an everlasting relationship with Christ.


  • Isaac Landis, Whitestone Mennonite Church, Hesston, KS
  • Clayton Gladdish, Hesston Mennonite Church, Hesston, KS


In response to special needs or interests, task forces may be created through an application process (Task Force Application) for the purpose of performing special duties and assignments.  Applications for the creation of a task force shall be processed initially by a commission before being forwarded to the Executive Board for action.  Funding for a task force is the responsibility of the commission to which the task force is accountable.  The Executive Board may also create task forces by the application process.  Task force assignments expire after three years unless renewed by the Executive Board.

Antioch Partnership Task Force

Purpose:  To build relationships within Western District Conference.

End Death Penalty Task Force 

Purpose:  To work for the end of the death penalty in Kansas.


  • Stan Bohn
  • Duane Friesen
  • Peter Goerzen
  • Tim Huber
  • Jim Juhnke
  • Jeff Koller
  • John Tyson

3/18/15:  House Bill 2129 would end the death penalty in Kansas. For information about supporting House Bill 2129, check out the Kansas Coalition Against the Death Penalty at The first step for HB 2129 will be a hearing in a House Committee. Mennonite churches around the state are organizing letter writing drives, writing letters to the editor of their local papers, and contacting their state legislators in support of HB 2129. Now is the time to add your voice!

2/10/15:  Read Pastor Peter Goerzen’s remarks at a News Conference in the capitol rotunda, Topeka, KS.

Pastor Peter Goerzen’s letter to Governor (as published in the “Kansas Coalition Against the Death Penalty” Fall 2011 Newsletter)

Death Penalty Statement (2009)

Immigration Task Force
(disbanded February 27, 2014)

Purpose:  Through action, advocacy, education, worship and prayer, we invite congregations and members to embrace the directive of the MC USA Statement:  “We reject our country’s mistreatment of immigrants, repent of our silence, and commit ourselves to act with and on behalf of our immigrant brothers and sisters, regardless of their legal status.”

Websites for Immigration Resources:

Information about immigration:

Resources from Citizens of God’s Kingdom workshop, March 1-2, 2013

Israel-Palestine Relations Task Force

Purpose:  To promote educational resources and events related to the conflict in Israel-Palestine conflict with particular focus on peacemaking, to congregations of the Western District Conference (including, but not limited to, resources to understand the resolution which will be presented to MC USA delegates at the Biennial Convention in Orlando in July 2017).  We hope Mennonites in our area will become more involved in peace and justice advocacy work related to the on-going crisis in the Middle East through this task force’s efforts.


  • Bob Atchison
  • Jonathan Brenneman (MC USA)
  • Tom Harder
  • Katie Mitchess-Koch
  • Elizabeth Raid
  • Jakob Whitson

Low German Mennonites from Mexico Task Force

Purpose:  To identify the concerns and needs of the Low German Mennonites from Mexico in the area of WDC, especially in Kansas.


  • Lotti Boschmann
  • Milton Claassen
  • Margaret Goering
  • Lillian Quiring
  • Carola Ratzlaff
  • Lici Roth
  • Harold D. Thieszen
  • Kendra Baldridge (Ex-Officio)

Music & Worship Task Force

Purpose:  To provide resources and support to music leaders and worship planners in local churches.


  • Carol Klingenberg
  • Kay Schroeder
  • Holly Swartzendruber

Trustee Task Force

Purpose:  To review loan applications for the Revolving Loan Fund.  To make recommendations as to the acceptance of property or disposal of property.  To evaluate and enter into legal contracts (real property).  To supervise and manage Conference property.


  • Eric Bruce
  • Rick Krehbiel
  • Gary Rediger

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