Accountability Plan for WDC Credentialed Persons – Retired Status

November 21, 2017
Dear colleague in ministry,
Each year the Ministerial Leadership Commission of Western District Conference requests credentialed ministers to submit an annual accountability plan according to Mennonite Church USA guidelines.  Persons whose credentials are “Retired” are requested to complete an abbreviated accountability plan, using the 2018 Abbreviated Accountability Form.  The accountability plan is an intentional way to nurture spiritual growth, professional development, healthy boundaries and support, and to register your continuing ministerial covenant with Western District Conference.  (The “Retired” credential is valid for performing ministerial functions and is to be exercised in consultation with the area conference).  You may fill out the form online BELOW, or send it via e-mail to, or by mail to Western District Conference, PO Box 306, North Newton, KS 67117.
Also required is a signed Credentialed Minister Ethics Signature Form, part of new procedures regarding ministerial ethics adopted by the WDC Ministerial Leadership Commission in June 2017.  These procedures require persons with Retired credentials to complete a Credentialed Minister Ethics Signature Form once every three years, in lieu of additional healthy boundaries training.   Please review and complete the form with signatures, and then mail it to WDC, or e-mail a scanned copy of the signed form. This will meet the requirement for a three-year period.
Please complete and return these forms to WDC by January 8, 2018.
These documents will be then placed in your ministerial file, and you will receive a new credential card for 2018.
Thank you for taking this time to reflect on your activities and vocation as a minister in this season of your life.  Your presence in WDC is appreciated!
God’s blessings to you in the coming year,
Heidi Regier Kreider
Conference Minister

Accountability (Abbreviated) Plan for 2018

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